Why is sexy underwear so cheap

Why is sexy underwear so cheap


Some people will find that the price of sexy underwear is cheaper than other ordinary underwear. This is because sexy underwear is usually produced in small quantities and only appears in the niche market.Such production methods make sexy underwear more competitive in price.

The production cost of sexy underwear is low

Compared with other underwear, sexy underwear is simpler in materials and design.This greatly reduces its production cost.In addition, sexy underwear manufacturers usually cooperate with the factory directly, which also reduces production costs and prices.

Interesting underwear market share is small

Interest underwear is usually only sold in the niche market, and the production volume is less.Therefore, sexy underwear producers usually attract more consumers by reducing prices.This can not only promote sales or expand this niche market.

The cost of the material of sex underwear is low

Fun underwear is usually not expensive, such as lace, fish nets, and artificial leather.Although these materials look sexy, they do not increase too much cost.Compared with other types of underwear, the cost of sexy underwear is lower.

Simple design of sexy underwear

The design of sexy underwear is relatively simple, and there are not so many details and craftsmanship.This makes the production process of sexy underwear simple and efficient, and also makes the price of sex underwear more affordable.

Interesting underwear materials use less

The amount of sexy underwear is rare than other underwear.This is because the material of sexy underwear is thinner and more perspective, so there will be fewer materials used.This is also one of the reasons for low price of sex underwear.

The production time of sexy underwear is short

Because the design and production of sexy underwear are relatively simple, the time required is shorter than other underwear.In this way, the production efficiency of sexy underwear is more efficient and can be listed quickly.This is also one of the reasons for the low price of sexy underwear.

Interest underwear does not pay attention to functionality

The focus of sexy underwear is sexy and tempting, not support and comfort.Therefore, sexy underwear usually does not pay too much attention to functionality.Compared with professional sports underwear or bodywear, sexy underwear is much cheaper.

The positioning of sexy underwear is in the niche market

The positioning and target consumer groups of sex underwear are in the niche market.Therefore, the production scale of sexy underwear is not large.In this way, the price of sexy underwear can be more affordable.


In general, the price of sexy underwear is low because of low production cost, small market share, simple material, simple design, short production time, and other reasons.Although the price is low, sex underwear can still bring a lot of fun to people’s lives.

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