Why do boyfriends do not need to be sexy sheets

Why do boyfriends do not need to be sexy sheets

Men’s attitude towards sexy underwear has always been very complicated, both ones and dislikes.But why do many boyfriends unwilling to try sexy underwear?This article will explore this issue from several aspects.

Material and comfort

Interest underwear is generally made of lace, silk, bellyband and other materials, and these materials are usually thin, not in line with the physical characteristics of men.In addition, many erotic underwear is not as loose as home clothes, has a large plasticity, and has more uncomfortable wear.So for some men who are pursuing comfort, sexy underwear may not be so ideal.

Design style

In addition to material problems, the design style of sexy underwear is also a problem that makes men more headache.Due to the extensive sources of inspiration of designers, many sexy underwear styles are relatively abstract and special. Not all men can understand and appreciate.In addition, due to the influence of traditional culture, many boyfriends will feel a little embarrassed and feel that wearing these will lose my masculinity.

cost price

In this regard, the price of sexy underwear is indeed much higher than ordinary underwear.Some boyfriends think that you can buy a few ordinary underwear for buying a sexy underwear, and ordinary underwear can also inspire passion by the way.So on cost issues, some boyfriends may be really harsh.

Psychological factors

For some boyfriends, wearing sexy underwear may make yourself feel inferior, embarrassing, and uncomfortable.This may be related to various factors such as gender, age, sexual enlightenment and cultural and social background.Sometimes my boyfriend may not want to wear it, but psychological concerns.

traditional mindset

Although sexy underwear has gradually become popular in modern society, there are still some traditional concepts.For example, many people think that women can be more sexy and charming after wearing sexy underwear, but if men wear it, they are likely to be regarded as fallen unhealthy.The main source of this thought is traditional culture, and the status and role of men and women in sexual issues are completely different.

Inherent impression

Most of the promotion of sexy underwear in the men’s market is for female consumers, and women are more vulnerable to the concept of sexy underwear.In the eyes of men, the image of sexy underwear is more associated with women. What makes men think of perfect women’s body and ecstasy, not men’s own charm and sexy.Therefore, in the eyes of her boyfriends, sexy underwear may be the exclusive territory of women.

living habit

Some boyfriends may be because their own habits are too simple. They have never exposed to sexy underwear, nor do they understand its meaning and role.Most of these boyfriends are relatively monotonous in their lives, and it is difficult to accept this trendy thing.They may think that emotional and sexual life does not require special stimuli, as long as the daily water is long.

Personal preferences

Of course, the last reason is the most fundamental reason. This is the personal preference of her boyfriend’s personal preference.Some boyfriends may already want to try, but after all, they are not determined to buy it.When boyfriends do not have much love for sexy underwear, or they are too conservative to conflict with sex underwear, then they rarely take the initiative to try it to try.


The above is the reason why her boyfriend is unwilling to wear sexy underwear.Although for many boyfriends, erotic underwear may seem a bit less practical or unacceptable, but we should respect each other’s ideas and needs.If one day, my boyfriend wants to try to wear fun underwear. I think we should understand and support him. This is also a clever upgrade of a fun life.

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