Why can’t sex underwear be promoted

Reasons why sexy underwear is not easy to promote

Interesting underwear is a special underwear, which is designed to increase sexual interests and sexuality, and improve sexual experience.As people’s perception of sex gradually increases, the demand for sex underwear has gradually increased.However, compared with other underwear brands, there are some difficulties in the promotion of sexy underwear.So, what is the reason why sexy underwear is not easy to promote?

Impact of cultural background

The product of sex underwear is related to our cultural background.In China, traditional values believe that sexual behavior is privacy and should not be discussed publicly.Therefore, in family, society and workplaces, people do not easily talk about products like sexual life or use sexy underwear.This makes sexy underwear encounters difficulties during the promotion.

Consumer psychology consideration

Another reason is consumers’ attitudes and concepts for sex.People usually regard sex as a very privacy, and may have a certain shame and resistance in their hearts.This makes consumers unwilling to buy and use sexy underwear in public places.And the price of sex underwear is relatively high. Most consumers think that these products are not necessary, so they are not willing to buy it.

Restrictions on regulations and systems

The promotion of sexy underwear will also be limited by regulations.Because of the laws such as the Anti -sexual Harassment Law and the Protective Regulations on the Protection of Minors’ Physical and Psychological Health, some forms of sexy underwear are prohibited.In addition, the culture and religious beliefs of some regions may also limit the sales of sexy underwear.

Lack of reliable sales channels

Interest underwear is not a product that all stores can sell.Some large brands will hardly consider sexy underwear as their sales goals, because these brands hope to give people a rigorous and professional impression, and sexy underwear brands belong to another category.The sales channels for sex underwear are relatively limited, making it more difficult to promote sex underwear.

Strict requirements for advertising review

Product advertisements in sexy underwear are often reviewed, and some countries and regions have strictly reviewed the propaganda, propaganda words, and pictures and video advertisements of such products.Therefore, the sexy underwear brand must be very cautious when promoting and promoting, and abide by local advertising -related laws and regulations, which makes it more difficult to promote sexy underwear.

Restrictions on traditional sales models

Traditional sales models are not suitable for sexy underwear.Traditional sales models usually display products in physical stores and attract consumers to buy.However, the special nature of sexy underwear makes many consumers unwilling to buy in physical stores.Therefore, the promotion of sexy underwear needs to be more creative means, such as online sales and social media sales.

Product design complexity

As a special underwear, sexy underwear is also large.Compared with traditional underwear, the design of sex underwear usually contains elements in many aspects such as gender, sexual behavior, and sexual psychology.Therefore, the design of sexy underwear needs to have corresponding professional knowledge and skills, which brings some difficulties to promotion.

The intensity of market competition

The promotion of market competition on sexy underwear brands and products is also a restriction.Many brands have entered the market, they have their own brand characteristics and advantages, and they have their own experience and understanding of the promotion of sexy underwear.Therefore, in addition to facing the problem of low brand awareness in the new brand, the new brand also has to gain a place in market competition.

Lack of information exchange platforms

Another predicament of sexy underwear promotion is a platform that lacks information exchange.Because sexy underwear is similar to products similar to special fields, there are relatively few communication platforms, which makes it difficult for consumers to obtain relevant information about sexy lingerie, and it is difficult for consumers in sexy underwear to communicate and share their opinions.

in conclusion

The road to promotion of sexy underwear is full of challenges and difficulties, but we believe that under the interaction of brand innovation and market operations, the promotion and market demand of sex underwear will continue to expand.And more willing to try.

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