Who saw the novel when wearing a sexy underwear

Putting in sex underwear makes love more interesting

Interest underwear is a prop that couples make couples more passionate.Its appearance makes love more interesting.When playing a love game, it leads to the irritation and burning between the two people by being full of temptation and teasing.However, when you see a sexy underwear, it is sometimes embarrassing or criticized by others.Let’s discuss this topic together.

Sexy underwear is a tool for love games

Interest underwear is a tool for love games, which allows more dynamics and feelings in bed.Putting on sexy underwear can add more condiments to the games between couples.Especially for women, a carefully matched sexy underwear can set off personality and beauty, and allows yourself to get more attention and care.

Low -key wearing sexy underwear to pursue more exciting

Although sexy underwear can make you more irritating and interesting in bed, we do not recommend that you go out in sexy underwear barely, because such fashion is not only appreciated by most people, and even makes you be criticized.And cold eyes.Then, we recommend low -key sexy underwear, so that it can be played more in bed attributes, but we can pursue more excitement after the game.

Selection of erotic lingerie materials and styles

There are also many choices of sexy underwear materials and styles. We need to choose according to our different needs.The first is the material problem. It is recommended to choose comfortable and breathable fabrics.Then there is a problem with style. You need to choose according to your body, temperament and needs, so that you will show a stylish feeling when you wear sexy underwear.

Red and black are the most popular colors

The color of sexy underwear is also a lot of choices, but we can find that red and black are the most popular colors. Red represents enthusiasm and passion, while black is more personality and mystery.However, we do not recommend that you choose too bright colors, otherwise it may make you the object of criticism and ridicule of others.

The appropriate size of sexy underwear is important

The appropriate size of a sexy underwear is important.Generally speaking, too tight or too pine will make your body defect more exposed instead of beautifying the effect, so we need to buy sexy underwear that is suitable for ourselves.When choosing, it is best to choose according to your body standards, and do not ignore this problem for fun.

Practice method

After selecting the sexy underwear that is suitable for your own size, the next is the correct way to wear.Because many sexual clothing has tedious and detailed ornaments, not only should you not only pay attention not to destroy the aesthetics of the clothing, but also to consider whether left and right are symmetrical, neat, and handling the details.The correct method of dressing can make you feel good during the game.

Who can be seen by a sexy underwear may make you embarrassed

Although sexy underwear has brought us a new gameplay of love games, we also need to pay attention to the appropriate wear time and place.If you wear a sexy underwear in an inappropriate place, it is likely that your sexy image will be "ravaged" and "ridicule" of others.Therefore, we need to pay attention to controlling and accurately grasping the cognitive level of wearing sexy underwear, as well as the sense of obligation and legal awareness, so that our love games are healthier and high -quality.


Love is one of the most important things in life, and sexy underwear has brought us more changes and fun.However, we need to pay attention to the time and place of wearing to avoid causing ourselves to be embarrassed when we should not wear sexy underwear.Only a reasonable, healthy, and high -quality love game can make love longer, beautiful and authentic.

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