White sex lingerie sister Zhao Yanhuan

White sex lingerie sister Zhao Yanhuan

Zhao Yanhuan is a sexy model. She likes to show her beautiful figure in white sexy underwear. She has a tall figure, light -colored skin tone, and slender hands and feet.Her water snake waist is beautiful, making people unable to resist her charm.She often share photos of her sexual underwear on social accounts, making fans shine.

Types of white sex underwear

White is a very visual appeal color, which is very suitable for sexy underwear.There are many different types, such as hollow, lace, transparent, and so on.There are many small holes in hollowed underwear. Through these small holes, the skin can be revealed. This local obstruction and exposure method can better stimulate a person’s sexy desire.The lace -type white sex lingerie is more feminine, and the design of lace and lace makes people feel soft and comfortable.

Material of white sex underwear

The material of white sex lingerie is also very important. A good quality will make the sexy underwear more comfortable to wear.High -quality materials are usually silk, lace and cotton.Silk is a smooth, soft and gloss material. It looks very high -end at the body and has a certain breathability and comfort.Lace is a luxurious material, and the lace of lace can highlight the temperament of women.Cotton is more suitable for daily wear and personal comfort.

White sex lingerie accessories

White sex underwear can be paired with many different accessories, usually small jewelry such as earrings, ankles, necklaces, and bracelets.These small accessories can increase the visual effects of white sex underwear and more attractive attention.However, it should be noted that these small accessories must not be used too much, otherwise the visual clutter will not achieve the aesthetic sense of visual height.

The wearing skills of white sex lingerie

The dressing skills of white sex lingerie are also very important. Different dressing skills can make white sex underwear completely different.For example, if you want to create a charming style, you can choose a close -fitting white sex underwear, which will make your body softer and charming and show sexy charm.And if you want to emphasize your body, choose a slightly thick fabric on white sexy underwear, or adding edge lines to the local side, which can make your body curve more prominent and play a role in optimizing the shape.

The size of the white sex lingerie

In addition, choosing the right white sex underwear size is also very important. Different sizes will make you feel completely different when wearing.Wearing too large underwear can lead to looseness, without the effect of highlighting the figure.And small underwear with too small size will make your body be unable to support and uncomfortable.

The safety of white sex lingerie

It is worth mentioning that when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to safety issues.Because sexy underwear is a kind of sex toys, involving the health and safety of private parts.Therefore, when choosing a white sex underwear, you must choose a regular and reliable merchant brand to avoid unnecessary problems due to unsafe.

Wash and maintenance of white sex lingerie

Finally, special attention should be paid to the cleaning and maintenance of white sex underwear.White sex underwear needs to use soft detergents, and should not be rubbed and kneaded excessively to avoid damaging the texture.During daily maintenance, we should pay attention to the drying of the underwear to avoid strong light irradiation and high temperature, high and humidity, so that the material of the underwear can be maintained in a good state.


In short, white sex underwear is the best choice that attracts eye -catching and enhances visual sexual desire.When choosing white sex underwear, we need to pay attention to details such as size and materials, and choose reliable merchant brands to ensure our own health level.At the same time, cleaning and maintenance are also important. To ensure the quality of underwear so that it can better show our figure and charm.

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