Which material of sex underwear

Which material of sex underwear

Interest underwear is a unique underwear, which is designed to enhance sexy.Today, there are many types of sexy underwear in the market, and the materials are also very diverse.This is the issue of discussion in this article. Let’s take a look at the material choice of sexy underwear together.

1. Cotton Material

Cotton materials are the first choice for many people in underwear materials because it feels soft and comfortable.Of course, it has little significance for erotic underwear, softness and comfort, but cotton materials have breathable and good moisturizing effects, making the skin healthier.

2. Silk Material

The texture of the silk material is smooth, and it makes you feel feminine.Silk materials are one of the most expensive sexy lingerie materials.However, it should be remembered that it is necessary to be careful during wearing silk underwear. It is easy to be damaged and requires special washing methods.

3. Velvet Material

The fluffy materials are also widely used in the production of sexy underwear.It has a good texture and touch, and has more three -dimensional sense compared to other materials.It is often used for women’s underwear, and the layered texture makes the underwear better.

4. Lace Material

Lace is a classic material for women’s underwear, which is also commonly used to make sexy underwear.If you want to wear sexy and charming sexy underwear, then lace materials are your best choices.It is worth noting that lace materials may be considered by some people to be too irritating and not suitable for everyone.

5. Leather Material

For some very bold people, leather underwear is the best choice.It can create a serious, confident and tasteful temperament, making you dare to try.

6. Fiber Material

Fiber material is a cheaper sexy underwear material, which is usually used to make daily underwear.If your budget is limited, fiber material is your best choice.

7. Mesh Material

In sexy underwear production, mesh materials are often used.This material is very breathable, and at the same time, it has a beautiful fold effect, making you more attractive.

8. Knit Material

Knitting materials are a more casual and comfortable sexy underwear material, which can bring you a more relaxed and natural feeling.It is also one of the common materials for daily underwear.

9. Drawstring Material

The drawing is a kind of gradient color structure that is usually used to make some sexy underwear with richer taste.When it is worn on the body, the convex lines can highlight your women’s curve.

10. Lining Material

The lining material is usually used to maintain the shape and outline of the sexy lingerie, and it can also improve comfort and penetration.It is usually lace or silk.


When choosing sexy underwear materials, you need to understand the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of each material.Some materials are more suitable for specific situations, while others are more suitable for daily wear.When you choose, consider your budget, personal preferences and the need for use.No matter what kind of sexy underwear you finally choose, I hope to bring you stronger sexy and confident.

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