Where to put a band of sexy underwear

Where to put a band of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a specially designed underwear that is specially created for couples, husbands and wives, which can be used to increase sexual interest and regulate emotions.One of the important design elements is a strap, and many people will be confused when they use it. I don’t know where this belt should be put.This article will answer this question in detail, so that everyone will no longer confuse the band of sexy underwear.

Location 1: on the chest

Many sexy underwear on the chest is based on the chest, which can be wrapped around the chest to make the chest more upright and sexy.This sexy underwear is usually designed with a V -shaped hollow in the center of the chest. It is unique and easy to identify.If you find the sexy underwear straps in your hand matched with your chest or surround your chest, then this belt should be placed in the chest.

Location 2: in the back

Some sexy erotic underwear bands are placed behind them. This kind of sexy underwear is generally designed with unique lace or other lace on the material material. These clothing can perfectly set off the female back curve to show the sexy beauty of the back.If you find that the erotic underwear band in your hand is not suitable for placing the chest, you have to find if you can put it on the back.

Location three: on the waist

The end of some sexy underwear bands will be remitted with the waist, and a beautiful bow is here. This design is very suitable for women with sexy waistline.This kind of sexy underwear is not only unreasonable, but also different from conventional products, with unique charm.If you are curious about the product, or want to try some unique design elements, then this belt may be placed in the waist.

Location 4: in the hip

Some sexy underwear bands are a bow on the hips. This kind of sexy underwear is generally designed in the middle of the hips or below, making the hips more embarrassing.If you find that there is a small twist at the end of the sexy underwear belt you get, then this strap should be placed on the hips.

Location 5: in the abdomen

The design style of some sexy underwear is particularly suitable for wearing the abdomen, such as some entangled sexy underwear. Their design often emphasizes the beauty of the abdomen and back.This kind of sexy underwear is usually designed in the center of the abdomen to design a entangled pattern, which is both sexy and full of mood.If you are interested in this style, you need to find the position of this strap on your abdomen.

Location 6: In the neck

A very unique sexy underwear is usually put on, which can surround the neck. This kind of sexy underwear is easy to identify.If the sexy underwear in your hand is based on the shawl and it looks like there should be a strap, then it is likely that this belt should be placed at the neck.

Location 7: On the thigh

Sometimes the sexy underwear will be designed on the thigh, the use is to make the thigh more concise and more "coquettish".This sexy underwear usually uses stripes, dark lines or other special pattern design, which can perfectly show the sexy curve of women’s thighs.If you see a band on the sexy underwear you got in your hand, you should put it on your thigh.

Location eight: in the arm

Some sexy erotic underwear will place a strap at the arm. This design style is usually selected with the shape of the overall clothing and the personal temperament of women.If you look very interesting, elegant, and flattering, it is likely that the strap of this sexy underwear should be worn on the arm.

in conclusion

The placement of the straps in the sexy underwear not only affects sexy and comfortable, but also the display of women’s forms.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to product design, find a style that suits you, and make yourself more confident and beautiful.Try a lot of sexy underwear bands in different positions, find your own temperament and sexy, and experience different sense of nakedness.

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