Where is the love underwear in the country?

Where is the love underwear in the country?

As one of the important auxiliary products of modern healthy sex, sexy underwear is loved by many couples and couples.However, for beginners, the way and how to understand the way of understanding affectionate underwear are not very clear.This article will introduce where the sexy underwear in the country is, and the knowledge and purchase skills of various sexy underwear.

Brand sex lingerie store

Many fashion brands have business lines for production and sales of sexy underwear. Therefore, it is also a way to buy the brand sexy underwear store using a search engine or to find a brand sexy underwear store in the city.These specialty stores usually show various types of sexy underwear and style matching skills.

Adult shop

Adult products store is one of the important merchants supplying sexy underwear.These stores usually provide greater choices and better prices.In adult products, you can buy more sexy underwear that is suitable for your style and needs.

Online sex underwear mall

Online sex underwear malls are increasingly popular sexy underwear purchases in recent years.They usually include extensive brands and product discounts, and most malls also have user evaluation and recommendation.Before buying, you can learn from the mall’s website that information such as product quality, purchasing skills, and product confidential packaging.

Women’s underwear store

For women, when choosing sexy underwear, you can consider going to a women’s underwear store.These merchants usually have professional consultants to provide you with personalized purchase suggestions and services.At the same time, these stores often provide products and entertainment such as sex accessories and women’s pornographic novels.

Scenic area

Standing in a small shop in tourist attractions and finding some local specialty souvenirs or gifts are things that people love during travel.In some domestic and foreign cities with red light districts or special cultural atmosphere, you can also find sexy underwear sales among these merchants.However, please pay attention to the quality of service quality and product quality.

Self -made sexy underwear

In addition to the aforementioned erotic underwear purchase method, you can also make sex underwear.Self -made erotic underwear, with a variety of materials and difficulty in making.By browsing the production tutorial of self -made sex underwear, you can make a unique sexy underwear by yourself.

Sexual Emotional Instead Insweet -Main Trip Trip

How to buy and choose the right sexy underwear is the difficulty of beginners.We need to know that there are many styles and types of sexy underwear.Among them, sexy underwear is a popular style type. The following are some small secrets:

1. Understand what you have, choose a sexual relationship with appropriate length according to your body.

2. Select transparent or translucent fabrics and styles, with dark red, black stripes or fluorescent colors.

3. When choosing, choose as much as possible with aslerates such as lace, mesh, and bow.

4. Pay attention to whether the version and size are appropriate.

Interesting underwear maintenance knowledge

We all know that sexy underwear is a relatively personal item.In order to protect our privacy and quality, the following are some sexual underwear maintenance skills that must be known in daily life:

1. Avoid dry cleaning and drying at high temperature conditions.

2. Use professional detergents and follow the instructions on the label for cleaning.

3. Avoid the use of scalding to treat the sexy underwear of lace or silk fabric.


While strengthening the quality of life, it is a favorable step to understand the quality, style and purchase and maintenance of love lingerie.When choosing a sexy underwear, we must ensure that not only the price and style, but the more important thing is to consider our own needs and quality.Through the above introduction, we believe that you already know where sexy underwear and how to choose to maintain sexy underwear.

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