What should I do if the band of sexy underwear is broken

What should I do if the band of sexy underwear is broken?

Whether it is adult erotic underwear or sexy underwear, it is suddenly found that the strap is broken when wearing it. It is undoubtedly a great blow to the carefully matched dress.However, this problem does not seem to be a big problem.As long as this situation can be correctly solved, the fun underwear can still show the charm, which will not affect your beauty.Then, I will introduce a few ways to solve the fault of sex underwear with different cases.

Method 1: Use replacement buttons

When the buttons of sexy underwear are invalidated or broken, you may have already been a treasure for this old set of solutions.In this case, a very skilled repairman can re -install a button and repair the sexy underwear to show your beauty.This method is relatively simple and effective, and you can quickly repair sexy underwear and allow your underwear for a second life.

Method 2: Try to make simple self -cultivation

If you don’t want to find a replenishment or you can’t find it, then simple self -study is also a good choice.You only need some simple tools, such as needle wires, small screwdrivers and glue.First, find the break, and then use a needle wire to suture the strap.If the belt is disconnected, you need to use the tool to remove the old buttons and install a new button.If the band is the shoulder strap, then you need to suture the strap or use other items to repair it.

Method three: entrust to professionals

If you have no confidence in your crafts, or you really can’t find a suitable tool and material to repair sexy underwear, then it is also a good choice to entrust it to experienced people.Like any other clothing, sexy underwear needs to be maintained and maintained.In this case, you may wish to find a professional sexy underwear repair and repair center to let them help you repair underwear.

Method 4: Buy replacement band

If you happen to have an original replacement strap at hand, then replacement band is also a very convenient solution.Generally speaking, you can find a matching strap on the same store or website, and then easily install it on the underwear without affecting the beauty of the underwear.

Method 5: Homemade band

If you have no way to find a strap similar to the original sexy underwear, or if you want a more unique strap, then you can make your own strap is also a good choice.Use some interesting fabrics and design your favorite band according to your own thoughts.Not only can you customize your own underwear, but you can also save part of the cost.

Method 6: Make good use of temporary solutions

If you find that the strap is broken, but you don’t want to repair any repair, then the temporary solution can still help you.For example, you can use a tie or a scarf to tie it on your body to replace the shoulder straps of sexy underwear.Although this is not a permanent solution, you can get some time in your single re -broadcast.

Method 7: Buy new sexy underwear

If the sexy underwear is too troublesome or the band is broken, you will lose your confidence, then buying a new underwear is also a feasible solution.Add some new favorite products to your underwear collection, allowing you to try more unique underwear styles, and at the same time find a balance between sexy and sensuality, thereby enhancing self -confidence.

Method 8: Maintain sexy underwear to prevent breaks

Fragmentation of sexy underwear is not a problem that can only be solved only. We can also regard it as a problem that can be prevented, which will be more at ease.The maintenance method is relatively simple. As long as we usually pay more attention to the cleaning of the water, but to pull the sexy underwear, put it in some drawers or storage bags, I believe that these small tips can prevent us from broken underwear and continue to show our wonderful posture.

Method 9: Internal purchase of fun underwear to reduce losses of personal property risks

Faced with the break of the belt, if we only deal with the merchant at this time, the remaining costs and losses need to be borne.If we buy it directly when ordering a single underwear, and we can choose high -quality sexy underwear, so that when there are quality problems, we can work with the merchant to solve the problem freely and easily without having to bear any risk of losses.

Method 10: Summary

The above is a solution to the break of sexy underwear belt. Although this situation is frustrating, the number is limited and the problem is not complicated.You can restore your sexy underwear to its top state through some simple solutions.In daily work and life, we need to pay more attention to our sexual underwear maintenance to prevent this situation and protect personal investment and image.

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