Where is the interesting underwear shop in Chongqing

Chongqing is a bustling city. There are many fashionable shopping malls, business districts, especially sexy underwear stores, so that every woman can find their favorite styles and styles.Here are some well -known sexy underwear stores in Chongqing.

1. Jasmine Fun Lingerie Specialty Store

Jasmine Fun Lingerie Specialty Store was established in 2007. It is one of the well -known domestic sexy underwear brands. There are also stores in Chongqing.There are a variety of products in the store, including adult underwear, underwear, suspenders, stockings, pajamas and other sex products.Moreover, their product style diversity is suitable for couples, newlywed couples, etc. of all ages.

2. Srira sex underwear shop

Srira’s sex underwear store is located near the Jiefangbei Metro Station. It is a well -known sexy underwear professional brand in Chongqing.The style and style design of the store underwear are unique. Each one has its own unique characteristics, and the price is very affordable.

3. Ganoderma lingerie store

Ganoderma lingerie store is a brand with a history of many years in Chongqing. The store has high -quality sexy underwear, sex products and other similar products.Whether it is wedding supplies, role -playing clothing, suits, army garbage, strap, etc., there are excellent choices.

4. Store Treasure No. 2 store

Store Treasure 2 is located in Guanyin Bridge. The store has many years of experience in the market. It can bring better guidance to your purchase. There are many types of products in the store and diverse styles.For the needs of sexy underwear and other sex products, they accurately meet the needs of women’s quality and style.

5. Yirou underwear

Yirou underwear is a sexy underwear brand, and has obtained professional related certification and authorization. You can buy with confidence.Their underwear is characterized by close, comfortable, beautiful, and sexy, making women love.The underwear styles and colors in the store are very complete, and the price is affordable.

6. Love Lang sex underwear shop

The Love Lang Fairy Lingerie Shop is located on Nanping Pedestrian Street and has a high popularity.The main business of the main camp in the store, sexy underwear, jumping eggs, SM props and other sex products.The price is cheap, and there are various promotional activities at the same time, which is a good choice for buying sexy underwear and sex products

7. Ping Ping Free Man’s Love Underwear Shop

Pingping’s free -man sexy underwear store was established in 2012 and is the famous sex market in Chongqing.After experiencing prosperity, Ms. Ping Ping finally opened her own new sex underwear.There are many types of interest in the store, including sexy underwear, sexual products, and jumping eggs.The price is cheap, it is a good choice for buying sexy underwear and sex products.

8. Ziwei sexy underwear shop

Located near Longlong Temple in Hongyatong, it is a sexy underwear shopping shop.The sexy underwear in the store mainly includes sexy underwear, sex products, sex toys and other products.Their clothing styles are diverse, which is very suitable for high -quality customers such as couples and newlyweds.

9. Lanfang sexy underwear shop

Lanfang’s sexy underwear shop is located between Xining Road and Bayi Road in the center of the city.The sexy underwear in the store is made of high -quality fabrics. It has a variety of styles and unique styles. It is suitable for customers with various styles. It also provides preferential activities every year to make you shop more satisfied.

10. Silk -Yueyuan sexy underwear shop

Silk Yueyuan sex underwear shop is a newly opened sexy underwear store, 5 minutes away from the monument station.The sexy underwear in the store is not only diverse, unique in style, but also affordable.If you are a novice, don’t know how to choose, don’t worry, the sales staff in the store will provide you with detailed guidance and let you shop easily.


In summary, Chongqing’s sexy underwear stores are very rich, and they all have their own unique style.If you want to buy sexy underwear and sex products, these shops are good choices.They all have good quality and prices, and at the same time provide various preferential activities, so that you can enjoy unexpected shopping fun.Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a sexy underwear expert, you can find a product that suits you.

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