Where is the brand’s sexy underwear

Where is the brand’s sexy underwear

1. Online mall

Online malls are one of the main ways to shop in modern shopping, and sexy underwear is no exception.Many well -known brands of sexy underwear can be found on major e -commerce platforms, such as Taobao, JD.com, Suning.Buying sexy underwear on these platforms is not only convenient and fast, but also has many preferential activities.

2. Professional sexy products store

If you want to be more deeper to solve the affection, it is recommended to go to a professional erotic supplies store.These stores usually provide professional suggestions and recommendations for employees to make you more handy when buying sexy underwear.

3. Brand official website

Many brands have their own official website. You can find all the sexy underwear products of the brand here and buy it directly on the official website.In addition, many brands of official website will also provide the latest sexy lingerie information and fashion trends.

4. Independent brand store

Independent brand stores are usually small sexy underwear shops, which may have only one or more branches in these shops.Although they are small, sometimes you can find some unique sexy underwear brands in these shops, which may not be available in large stores.

5. Fashion store

Many fashion stores also sell sexy underwear, such as ZARA, H & M ETC. If you want to buy unusual sexy underwear, you can try to go to these fashion stores to find.

6. Shopping center

Many large shopping malls also have shops selling sexy underwear, such as brand gathering stores and boutique accessories stores.For example, the collection stores in shopping malls such as Music, Intime, China Resources are all good choices.

7. Sex underwear exchange group

In addition to physical stores and online malls, you can also add some sexy underwear communication groups.In these groups, you can find other sexual underwear enthusiasts, communicate with problems such as wearing, matching, and buying in sex underwear. You can also learn about the latest sexy underwear information and brand release.

8. Sexy underwear show

The sex underwear exhibition is one of the important places for brand promotion of sexy underwear.At these exhibitions, you can see the latest sexy lingerie styles and trends, and you can also communicate with brand representatives to understand the knowledge of brand stories and product materials.

9. Second -hand market

If you like to collect old sexy underwear, you can find the products you want in some second -hand markets.The second -hand market is usually good, but it is necessary to pay attention to the authenticity of the product to avoid being deceived.

10. Personal micro -business

Finally, you can also try to buy sexy underwear in some personal micro -business shops.These micro -merchants may be sexy underwear enthusiasts or professional purchasing staff.You can find good WeChat business according to the recommendations of social platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.


Brand sexy underwear can be found in various sales channels, but the quality and price of different sales channels may be different.Therefore, when buying brand sex lingerie, consumers need to choose cautiously, and do a good job of product comparison, price comparison, and authenticity.

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