Where is GTA5 sexy underwear shop


GTA 5 is an open world game that is popular all over the world. Among them, the sexy underwear shop is a unique place in the game, which has attracted the interest of many players.So where is the GTA 5 sexy underwear store in the game?


In GTA 5, the store’s store in the sex underwear store is located in the urban area, located in the commercial house in La Puerta, and near the Joshishan Free Trade Port.The items needed to enter the store are female player characters and money.

Money and items

If you want to enter the sex underwear store, you need a female player role and some money.Your player character is wearing suitable clothes, and you also need equipment that can be climbed, such as ropes or ladders.

Buy underwear

After entering the store, you can buy various sexy underwear, including sexy underwear, adult underwear, European and American underwear, and so on.In addition to sexy underwear, there are various accessories and toys to choose from.

Suitable crowd

The sexy underwear store mainly provides female customers with various sexy, sexy and interesting clothing.Therefore, if you are a male player, you may not be interested in these clothing.Of course, as long as you want to try, you can also buy these clothing for your female character.


After entering the store, you will find that the inside of the store is decorated with various colorful underwear and accessories.The changes and atmosphere of the store make people feel a strong atmosphere of desire, which is very suitable for couple games or single dog players.

Types of clothing

In the GTA 5 sexy underwear shop, you can find different types of sexy underwear, such as sexy swimsuits, sexy rubber jackets, sexy cosmetics, and so on.You can buy according to your needs and money.


Interest underwear stores not only provide sexy underwear and accessories, but also organize some special activities.These activities include fashion display, game activities and social party.These activities have attracted many players to join.


GTA 5 is a game with unique elements, and sexy underwear shops are one of the interesting elements.Whether you are a player or a non -player, you can experience this unusual game fun.Come and choose a sexy underwear that suits you, make the game more exciting!

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