Where can I find the source of the sexy underwear physical store

1. Source problem of sexy underwear physical stores

As a relatively special clothing, sexy underwear is relatively special.Because sexy underwear is often sold to various specific occasions, such as sexual products stores, adult products, strip and dance clubs, etc., their sales methods and channels are also very different.Therefore, if you want to open a sexy underwear store, you must face the problem of supply.

2. Quota underwear mall and wholesale market

In order to solve the problem of the source of sexy underwear physical stores, there are two main options: sexy underwear malls and sex underwear wholesale markets.Among them, the sexy underwear mall can provide more brands and types, but the price is relatively high; while the sexy underwear wholesale market is relatively cheap, but the supply is relatively single, and the brand and type are relatively small.

3. Starting from domestic brands

If you want to find it in domestic supply, it is recommended to start looking from some well -known sexy underwear brands in China, such as Kodoli, MIIOW, happiness forward and so on.The quality of these brands of sexy underwear is relatively guaranteed and has a certain reputation, which can deepen the trust between physical stores and consumers.

4. Consider importing supply

In addition to domestic brands, you can also consider buying sexy underwear from import channels.After all, the sexy underwear culture of Europe and the United States is relatively mature, and there are many brands and types.Especially some high -end brands, some foreign agents will introduce the supply into China through their own sales channels.In this way, physical stores can provide more choices and attract more attention.

5. Compared with prices, quality and after -sales service

When choosing the source of sexy lingerie, you must not just look at the price, but also consider the quality of the source and after -sales service.Some low -cost erotic underwear may not be guaranteed enough, and it is easy to occur. It is difficult to solve the after -sales demand of consumers, which will destroy the credibility of the physical store.

6. Strengthen market research and adaptive update

For special products such as sexy underwear, sales methods and channels need to be continuously adapted to market demand, so physical stores also need to do a good job of market research.In this way, physical stores can better understand consumer needs, update styles, provide more adaptable sexy underwear, and attract more consumer groups.

7. Continuously expand sales channels and forms

In addition to the sales channels of the physical store itself, you can also consider selling sales on some online sales platforms or social media.In this way, physical stores can expand the scope of sales and broaden sales channels.At the same time, there are more choices in the form of sales, such as with other goods, package discounts, and so on.

8. Do a good job of publicity and brand marketing

Propaganda and brand marketing of physical stores cannot be ignored.Publicity can be carried out by displaying windows, advertising, new products, etc., to increase consumer awareness and purchase desire.At the same time, build its own brand image, increase the popularity and reputation of the brand, and enable physical stores to develop for a long time.

These are some precautions and suggestions for physical stores to find sexy lingerie sources. As long as these strategies are appropriately used, I believe that physical stores can definitely attract more consumers and show a better development trend.

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