What posture do you put in sex underwear?


Do you know how to swing in sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a underwear that aims to enhance sexual attractiveness and increase physical confidence.It provides a way to make people feel more sexy, relaxed and confident.However, after wearing a fun underwear, you may find that you don’t know how to increase attractiveness in your position.In this article, we will discuss 8 techniques and tips wearing eight kinds of erotic underwear.

1. Stand confident side by side

When wearing sexy underwear, standing and standing side by side is one of the best postures.Let your legs naturally separate, put your hands on your hips or on both sides of your body.This posture conveys a strong signal that you feel confident in yourself and you are satisfied with your body shape and appearance.

2. Twist your body

Even if you are not a fitness expert, twisting your body can increase the charm and attractiveness of your body.Hold the waist with one arm, then twist your body until you feel some tension.Continue to twist with another arm until you feel some comfortable tension.This posture can enhance the lines of your body and let you show your beautiful figure.

3. lying on the bed

Lying on the bed can let you fully show your body curve, especially when wearing a tulle lace three -point style.Lie on the bed, put your hands on both sides of your body or cross your hips.This posture allows you to show your most beautiful curve and body lines, not only beautiful but also very sexy.

4. Leaning on the wall

Leaning on the wall is a very simple posture, and it is also a very attractive posture.Lean your body on the wall and bend a few times to show your waist and leg lines.This posture can make your body curve more obvious, causing the other party’s more attention and desire.

5. Sit on a chair

Sitting on a chair is a delicate, sexy posture.Sit together together and let the back of the chair fall on your waist.Put your arms on the armrest of the chair and bend your body backwards to show your body curve.This posture can show your thighs and hips well, which makes you more moving.

6. Supermodel catwalk

Supermodel catwalk is a good sexy underwear photo shooting posture.Take two steps to stop, then stretch your body vigorously, emphasize your hips and legs.This posture can fully show your good figure and sexy lines.

7. Lie on the bed

Lying on the bed is a completely relaxed and sexy posture.Type your body back, let your body completely relax on the bed, and show your whole body curve.This posture is similar to daily lying posture, but it shows your best side, which is more noticeable.

8. Walking elegant walking

Walking elegant walking is a posture that can highlight the figure.Let your body slightly tilt forward, and the knee is close to the stretch.Then step by step to highlight your waist and hip lines.This posture can make you look very tall and charming, with high sexy charm.


When wearing a sexy underwear, the right position can increase your self -confidence, and it can also increase your attractiveness.The pose and skills mentioned above can not only make you look better, but also make you emit a confidence and sexy atmosphere.After wearing a sexy underwear, try these different postures and find the posture that suits you.

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