What does sexy lingerie mean

What is sexy lingerie deflation?

Interest underwear deflation refers to the abbreviations that occur when buying sexy underwear. These abbreviations usually appear on the label, packaging and description of online stores or physical stores.

What are the common erotic lingerie deflation?

Common erotic lingerie abbreviations include BB, SM, TD, KG, GP, FS, ZS, DL, etc.Among them, BB represents vest underwear; SM represents abuse underwear; TD represents hollow underwear; KG represents open crotch underwear; GP represents Gothic underwear; FS represents lace underwear; ZS represents real silk underwear; DL represents clavicle underwear.

What is the difference between BB and SM underwear?

BB (vest underwear) and SM (abuse underwear) are two different sexy underwear.BB is a vest of sexy underwear, usually with lace decoration, which mainly emphasizes the balance between comfort and sexy.SM is more challenging and irritating sexy underwear. It usually uses leather materials and restraint design, often used in the scenes such as role -playing, SM games.

What are the characteristics of TD underwear?

TD (hollow underwear) is a unique sexy underwear. It is characterized by hollow design in some areas of the underwear, which increases the mystery and sexyness of the underwear.There are many types of hollowed out. The more common are lace hollow and mesh hollow.This underwear is suitable for consumers who like to try new things.

What is the difference between KC and GP underwear?

KC (oral lingerie) and GP (Gothic underwear) are two -looking sexy underwear, but their style and design are different.KC underwear usually uses silk or gauze material, which has the characteristics of light, soft and sexy. It is a sexy underwear that conveys orally with oral sex to the partner; while GP underwear pays more attention to black Gothic atmosphere, using various Gothics with gothicThe design of elements is often used with leather, gyro and strap.

What is the difference between FS and ZS underwear?

FS (lace underwear) and ZS (real silk underwear) are two common sexy underwear. Their materials and touch are very different.FS underwear is usually made of lace materials. It has the characteristics of softness, lightness, breathable and sexy, and is often liked by female friends.ZS underwear is made of real silk. It is usually more comfortable and smooth. It feels more personal and comfortable. It is a type of underwear that shows noble temperament and sexy charm to partners.

What is the design style of DL underwear?

DL (clavicle underwear) is a unique sexy underwear, and its design concept is to emphasize the lines of the clavicle.Specifically, DL underwear usually uses a unique design near the neckline and chest to highlight the collarbone lines of the wearer and enhance the sexy temperament of the wearer.DL underwear usually uses high -quality materials, and the design of the clavicle lines makes the wearer more noble, mysterious, sexy and beautiful.

How should I choose a sexy underwear that suits me?

To choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you need to consider many personal factors, such as height, weight, complexion, body proportion, temperament, and so on.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the material, style of the underwear, and whether there is any allergies to the skin.When choosing underwear, you can refer to the matching suggestions on the Internet or physical stores, try to wear a few pieces of clothes, choose the taste that suits you, and make yourself feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

How to maintain and clean sexy underwear?

Interest underwear usually uses high -quality materials and design, and special attention needs to be paid to use and maintenance methods.It is generally recommended to wash underwear, do not wash at high temperature, do not soak for too long, try to avoid using bleach, rinsee and dryer.For underwear with special materials, special cleaning liquids need to be selected according to the characteristics of the material.At the same time, to avoid contact with other colors of clothes, swimsuits, etc. to avoid dyeing.

What does sex underwear do to exist?

Interesting underwear is a type of fashionable small thing designed to enhance sexual life feelings and improve sexual experience.They can not only enhance their charm, highlight the sexy temperament, but also stimulate a deeper sexual experience and intimate relationship.Of course, it is important to maintain a healthy, harmonious and respectful sexual relationship, and obtain common happiness and satisfaction with each other.


Interest underwear is a special fashionable small thing that is constantly innovating and evolving.To choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you, you need to understand your needs, and you also need to understand the various materials, styles and designs of love underwear.Through ordinary maintenance and cleaning, underwear can make underwear more durable and more suitable for you.The most important thing to buy sex underwear is to enjoy the inner joy and relaxation, and to get a healthy, harmonious and respectful sexual relationship.

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