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Women’s sexy underwear matching guidelines

Women’s sexy underwear is a beautiful and sexy clothing that modern women love, but many women are often confused about the choice of underwear.Below, let’s introduce the guidelines for women’s sexy underwear.

Is it G-String or T-back?

For sexy underwear, both G-String and T-Back are very popular underwear styles.Both G-String and T-BACK are high-panties, but G-String’s belt is wide and Y-shaped, while T-BACK is narrow band, which is T-shaped.If your hips are full, it is recommended to choose G-String, because it can better wrap your hips, and T-BACK is more suitable for women with firmer hips.

Color selection

The color of the panties of sexy underwear is generally consistent with the top, such as the black suit with black underwear.You can also choose some bright and dazzling colors, such as red, purple, gold and other colors.In addition, if you are wearing a translucent sexy underwear, it is best to choose underwear similar to the color of the top to prevent the color of the underwear from being prominent.

Material and fabric

The material and fabric of sexy underwear are very important.Choose soft and personal materials, such as cotton, silk, or silk blended substances, because they are comfortable and water absorption.At the same time, these fabrics are also more breathable, making you feel easier and comfortable.If you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid choosing nylon or polyester underwear.

How to choose length and width?

Women can choose the length and width of the underwear based on their figure, personal preferences and clothes.Full coverage can provide good coverage and protection, but for some more open sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose smaller underwear to better highlight your sexy lines.

Do I need the entire set?

Sometimes, women are not necessarily necessary when choosing underwear when choosing underwear.If you have a single piece of sexy underwear, then you can choose any piece of underwear to match.If you want to try the set, then please make sure you choose a whole set of sexy underwear suitable for you, and take a serious consideration and choice before matching the underwear.

How to choose the shape and silhouette?

For women with full figure, choosing high waist underwear is a good choice because it can cover your belly better.Low waist or mid -waist underwear is more suitable for women with thin figure.In addition, triangular -shaped underwear is suitable for women with smaller hips, and wide -width underwear is suitable for women with larger hips. This can better cover the flaws of the hips.

Pay attention to the wearing of the underwear

Sexy underwear may require the way of panties to wear different from traditional underwear.It is recommended to understand the special requirements of sexy underwear before wearing sexy underwear.For example, some sexy underwear needs to wear an exciting ring or anal plug, and special panties need to be paired or fixed.

Sexual style choice

For sexy women, they often like to choose high -value sexy underwear to increase charm.Choose some underwear made of lace and transparent fabrics, which can exude a lot of charm.At the same time, this style of underwear is suitable for wearing some open sexy underwear.

The final matching skills

In order to maximize the charm of sexy underwear, it is recommended that the underwear preview the effect of the entire set before wearing it.At the same time, please pay attention to the matching skills and essentials of the entire women’s sexy underwear to create the best visual effects.

This article summarizes

In fact, each woman has a different body and underwear taste. When choosing underwear, you should also choose according to your own situation.In addition to color, fabric and shape, the choice of underwear also needs to consider the style and requirements of the entire women’s underwear suit.I hope that our underwear wearing guidelines can help you better choose seasonal underwear that suits you and show a more beautiful and sexy image of women.

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