What kind of sexy underwear is awesome

What kind of sexy underwear is awesome

When you want to show your sexy to the fullest, sexy underwear is your good choice.But it is not easy to choose a piece of sexy underwear style for you.In this article, what kind of sexy underwear will we discuss and how to choose a sexy underwear that suits us.

The three most important factor when choosing a sex underwear

First of all, when choosing sexy underwear, the main three factors are covering, quality and comfort.

Keep cover: Covering degree is a personal preference for everyone, but still should still choose sufficient covered underwear to avoid unnecessary embarrassing scenes.

Quality Key: Quality is one of the key factors.Good quality underwear not only feel more comfortable, but also keeps shape and will not deform after washing.

Comfort first: Considering that sexy underwear has the role of attracting others, comfort is also a factor that cannot be ignored.If the body cannot be comfortable to wear sexy underwear, it will destroy sexy effects due to pain or discomfort.

Different styles of sexy underwear with women with different figures

Next, we will explore different sexual underwear styles and the types of body.

1. Gift box sexy underwear

Gift box sexy underwear is usually made of lace, red ribbon and other decorative products.This kind of sexy underwear is usually suitable for women with thin and long figures to highlight their beautiful body shape.

2. Belly Boarded Love Underwear

The bellyband -style sexy underwear is made of lace or mesh fabric. Usually the chest area is revealed, and the lower body may have fabrics or G string.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for women with plump breasts and thin waist to highlight their plump femininity.

3. Clothes sexy underwear

Uniform sexy underwear is usually made of meat -transparent fabrics, such as lace and mesh.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for women with a well -proportioned body, which can smoothly show sexy and seductive effects smoothly.

4. During a nightdress sexy underwear

The nightdress sexy underwear has a cute design, usually made of smooth fabric or lace.This sexy underwear is more suitable for short and plump women to highlight its beautiful figure curve.

5. Personal sexy underwear

Personal sexy underwear is usually the most open and sexy choice.This sexy underwear span is very large, from lace conjunction to pure hip cages.The effect of this sexy underwear depends on whether the size choice is appropriate, so you need to choose carefully.

Selection of sexy underwear

In addition to the choice of style, color is also an important part of sexy underwear.Below are the basic criteria for color selection.

1. Red

Red is the most popular sexy underwear color. It tends to evoke emotions, convey beliefs and self -confidence, not only attractive to women, but also seductive your partner.

2. Black

Black is a classic choice for sexy underwear. It is an excellent cover of underwear. It can create a mystery and allow the part you need to get outstanding results.

3. Pink

Pink sexy underwear and other pink accessories can make women show obvious femininity.Pink and skin tone are well matched, so if you want to wear underwear on your body, it is a good choice.

All in all, sexy underwear is a very good choice for women who want to show sexy charm.Please pay attention to the three factors including covering, quality and comfort to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, and you need to choose the appropriate model and color according to different bodies.

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