What kind of letters in sex underwear are good at the beginning

Introduction: Fun underwear letters analysis

Interest underwear is a special underwear designed to increase interest and improve emotional experience.The beginning of different letters represents different meanings. Choosing the right erotic underwear letter can inspire the soul and tease the body.

Letter B: babydoll

Babydoll, that is, "baby skirt", is a soft fabric, different styles, and baby skirts. The transparent material can highlight the tenderness of women, and it also has a thin and tolerant body effect.

Letter C: Corset

Corset, that is, "tight -fitting corset", uses a skeleton and a tight band for tightening, can correct women’s body posture, shape perfect figure, and enhance self -confidence.

Letter D: Durpy

Durpy, a "dry sweat absorption" design of underwear, is a breathable, sweat -absorbent, and dry sexy underwear, which can keep the body always dry and comfortable, and is not affected by humidity in sex.

Letter E: Extreme Bikini

Extreme Bikini, that is, "very small bikini", bright colors and low waist design make women more sexy and confident.The small size is suitable for women with fair skin and exquisite curves.

Letter F: Fishnet

Fishnet, that is, fishing nets sexy underwear, uses fine grid design, has good breathability, not only highlights the female body, but also adds a mysterious and deep fun atmosphere.

Letter G: Garter Belt

Garter Belt, that is, peach -hearted suspender underwear, is an elegant and sexy sexy underwear. It is paired with a part of the stockings. It is noble and elegant. It is a good product in sexy underwear.

Letter H: Hustler

Hustler, from the name of an American sex product company, is the main product of this company to play different roles and increase the fun and irritating of sex.

Letter L: Leather

Leather, that is, "leather sex lingerie", is a sexy, exciting, and wild sexy underwear. Due to the leather material, the texture is thick and heavy, which can not only shape the figure, but also increase the sensory stimulus of sex.

Letter S: Sexy Costume

Sexy Costume, sexy clothing, is a sexy underwear that plays different characters that allows women to play a variety of roles such as police, nurses, students, and increase sexual love and irritation.

Letter T: Teddy

Teddy, a sexy underwear made of lace, cotton and other materials, is not only sexy, sexy, but also elegant, noble, and warm.

Conclusion: Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Every kind of sexy underwear has its unique charm, and choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can truly achieve the effect of adding interest and improving the emotional experience.It is hoped that when women choose sexy underwear, they can choose according to their figure, personality, style and other aspects. Select the sexy underwear at the beginning of the right letter to make sex more passionate and exciting.

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