What kind of film is shot in sexy underwear

What kind of film is shot in sexy underwear

Actors in film and television often wear all kinds of clothing, and in the lens of eroticism, it is common to wear sexy underwear.This method of shooting allows the audience to feel the charm of the character’s sexuality, and thus becomes one of the most classic elements of film and television works.So, which films are shot in sexy underwear?

1. "Color Ring"

The movie "Lust Ring" tells the story of a wise female college student in the entanglement with the agent men’s lust.When the film was filming, the actors frequently put on sexy underwear, showing the sexy temptation on a passionate shot.

2. "Spy Shadow 2"

"Spy Shadow 2" is an action film based on spy, telling the task of former American agent Jonson to launch extreme danger around the world.In the film, the heroine Laura has wearing sexy back and sexy underwear many times in front of the camera, which has attracted countless fans.

3. "Spider -Man"

The film "Spider -Man" tells the story of an ordinary boy who has become a spider ability through emergencies.In the film, the heroine Jane (played by Mary Jane Watson) often wearing sexy sexy underwear appeared in the field of vision, successfully attracted the attention of the audience.

4. "Stealing and Robbing"

The film "Stealing and Radio" tells a passionate criminal story based on fairy tales.In the film, the heroine Lucy (played by Eva Green) often wore sexy sexy underwear, causing the audience to be unable to shift their attention.

5. "Villain Angel"

The film "Villain Angel" is a movie with the theme of super heroes. In the film, the heroine Mira (played by Jessica Alba) frequently put on a variety of sexy sexy underwear and plays a superhero in the movie as a superhero., Fight with the villain.

6. "The hair is messy"

The film "Hair is messy" is a movie adapted from Japanese comics. It tells the story of two men who was forced to wear sexy lingerie running because of a "wrong drinking" incident.The scenes of sexy underwear are dazzling.

7. "Murder Queen"

The plot of this movie is about a female killer’s story, and the plot is violent and free.The heroine Kate (played by Tony Colete) has appeared in front of the screen many times in front of the screen, showing a unique charm.

8. "Julia"

The film tells the story of a drug -trafficking queen, which has become the core figure of drug trafficking gangs with cleverness and courage.In the movie, the heroine Julia (played by Curtina Rich) often wear sexy sexy underwear, showing the audience the most charming look.

9. "Godfather"

"Godfather" is a god -level classic film. It tells the real and cruel gangster story, which is unimaginable and shocking.In the film, in order to make his mistress more tempting, the actor even paved the soft red sexy underwear around the bed.

10. "Sexual Angel"

The film "Sex Angel" focuses on the style of the heroine angel.In the movie, the heroine often wore sexy sexy underwear in front of the audience. She filmed a passionate drama and showed a soft side.


Although wearing sexy underwear is a relatively common method of shooting, it still allows the audience to feel the real emotions of the character and increase the fun and irritation of movie viewing.Whether it is a movie or a TV series, when these characters wear sexy underwear, they can always bring a mysterious and sacred atmosphere.

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