What is the name of the sexy underwear for doing things

What is the name of the sexy underwear for doing things

What is sexy sheet

Interesting underwear is a female underwear with sexy, passion -themed style. Unlike the sense of wear of general underwear, its dressing effect emphasizes sexy and tempting. It is usually made of lace, silk, mesh, and feathers.And perspective and other methods, show more curves and charm of women.It allows women to enhance self -confidence and pleasure in the process of expressing sexy and gender characteristics.

What is the name of the sexy underwear for doing things

The convenience underwear for facilitation is usually called "CrottChless". The word is derived from English. It is directly translated as "the crotch leaves empty", that is, the design of the crotch is not sealed.There are many forms of this type of underwear, including sexy briefs, lace jackets, mesh open crotch pants, etc., usually have convenient and more popular visual effects.

Advantages of Crotchless

Compared to ordinary sexy underwear, the advantage of CrottChless is that it is more convenient, because it does not need to take off the underwear to perform related activities.This has great advantages for those who like to perform various skills and positions in the process of sex.In addition, it has alternative sexy charm, which can create uniqueness and enchantment, enhance the irritating and innovative nature of sexual experience.

Crottchless type

Because Crottchless is a design style, you can find related products in various types of sex underwear.For example, sexy briefs, this underwear can be left empty in the crotch of the hips, which can easily allow users to perform sexual activities; while the net yarn open crotch pants can be more perspective, making the sexy curve more prominent;The very hot Crottchless content is more suitable for users who want to wrap the whole body.

How to choose Crotchless underwear

When selecting CrottChless underwear, choose according to personal needs, and carefully consider the materials, styles, colors and sizes.You should choose a soft and comfortable material to avoid discomfort and allergies.In addition, details such as perspective, lace, lace can also enhance sexy and seductive effects, depending on the situation.Finally, pay attention to the selection of the size to ensure the degree of personality and sexy effects of the entire underwear.

How to match Crotchless underwear

Choose Crottchless underwear not only to consider its sexy effect, but also how to match it.Under normal circumstances, meat, black, or red are more recommended colors. In daily life, you can match some slim shorts, skirts or tight pants to make your body more slender and slender. In the sex experience, you can choose more perspective and see more and see more.Sexy upfit creates a more irritating experience.

Crotchless to wear

Compared to ordinary underwear, Crottchless’s dresses are slightly different.Before wearing, you need to pull the underwear down to the thigh, then step it in, and pull it to the normal position of the hips little by little.When wearing, you should pay attention to keeping the underwear and your body fit, and adjust the position of the underwear as needed to create the most sexy curve and charm.

Crotchless underwear maintenance

The maintenance of Crotchless underwear is also carefully considered as other underwear.First of all, you should follow the sign of the sign and wash or dry the dry cleaning at the correct temperature and method.Secondly, do not use too exciting and severe washing methods or detergents to avoid damaging its materials and original effects.Finally, keep dry and ventilated in the place where the underwear is placed, and the underwear is preserved to avoid direct sunlight to avoid the color of the color or damage.

Whether the crotchless is suitable for everyone

Compared to other erotic underwear, Crottchless does not Suited for everyone.For those who are relatively conservative and traditional sexual experience, Crottchless may make them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed; in addition, women who are naturally sensitive or have some problems, such as uterine prolapse, vaginal inflammation, etc., wearing Crotchless underwear underwearIt may have a certain impact on the body, and you need to consider it carefully before buying.


As a special sexy underwear, Crottchless is loved by users with its convenience and sexy and seductive appearance.When selecting and matching, you must carefully consider it according to personal needs, and you need to maintain your caution and good attitude as much as possible in terms of dressing and maintenance.

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