What is the glowing and sexy underwear of boys

What is the glowing and sexy underwear of boys?

As people’s demand for sexy underwear has continued to increase, new types have continued to emerge. Among them, boys’ luminous sexy underwear is one.Boys’ luminous sexy underwear is a special underwear that can glow, which can make men a shining focus at dating or party.This sexy underwear can achieve the lighting effect in various ways. The following will be introduced in detail.

1. Optical fiber glowing sexy underwear

Optimus luminous and sexy underwear uses optical fiber materials as a luminous element.The principle is to connect a luminous power to the fiber and put the fiber into the underwear, so that the entire underwear will glow.Because the fiber material is very soft, it is comfortable to wear.

2. LED light sexy underwear

LED light sexy underwear uses LED lights as luminous elements.LED lights can shine with a variety of colors, so LED sexy underwear can have different glowing colors.This sexy underwear needs to connect a small luminous battery, which is usually hidden in small bags in underwear, and controls the light through the button.

3. Charging light and sexy container

Charging light and fun underwear uses rechargeable batteries as luminous elements.This kind of sexy underwear needs to be charged by connecting the power through the USB wire before use. After full charging, it can continue to shine for several hours or days, allowing you to appreciate its brilliant effect.

4. Magnetic coloring and sexy underwear

Magnetic coloring underwear is a brand new glowing method.The small magnets on the underwear can be adsorbed by another small magnet to activate the lingerie of the underwear.This underwear can use a variety of color charging LED magnetic lighting modules, so it can achieve exquisite light emitting effects through different colors and brightness.

5. Lighting color

Boys’ glowing and sexy underwear can emit various colors of light. The most common colors are red, blue, green and purple.If you want to be more personalized, you can buy customized underwear. Usually these sexy underwear brands can be customized according to your requirements to make your luminous sexy underwear more personalized and unique.

6. Material

Boys’ glowing and sexy underwear is usually made of elastic and close -fitting materials to closely fit the body and show your body curve.Commonly used materials include skin -friendly fabrics, mixed materials and spandex materials.

7. Style

Boys’ glowing and sexy underwear has a variety of different styles.The most common are T -shirts, high -necked underwear, cat shirts and slings.Different styles allow you to choose sexy underwear suitable for your body and dress style.

8. Combined with other interesting toys

Boys’ luminous sexy underwear can also be used in combination with other erotic toys, such as light -free stockings, restraint equipment, vibrators, etc.This combination can make your interesting experience richer and exciting.

Boys’ glowing and sexy underwear is a new sex experience that allows men to become the focus of glorious people in dating, gathering and daily life.No matter where you go, this kind of light and sexy underwear can make you the most striking character on the field.

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