What is the front show of sexy underwear

Title: Figure Followed Follower Tips


As a prop to ignite the flames of lust, sexy underwear is a must -have for many couples.However, even with the sexiest sexy underwear, the foreplay skills are needed to enhance the atmosphere and effect.The following are the foreplay techniques of sexy underwear:

Paragraph 1: Sexy lace underwear

Lace underwear is popular because of its soft lace and elegant design.In the foreplay, we can ignite the lust of women by gently stroking, kissing and blowing, making her more pleasant and relaxed.

Paragraph 2: Transparent underwear

Transparent and translucent underwear usually make people make up more pictures, which are very popular because of their hint.We can use transparent underwear to stimulate eroticism. For example, using soft touch in the foreplay to increase the stimulus, increase expectations, and make the whole process more tension.

Paragraph 3: milk sticker

As a unique sexy underwear, milk stickers are specially affixed around the nipples, which can provide more fit effects.In the foreplay, we can first touch the other parts of the female body in a soft way, and then gently move the milk sticker, stimulate the nerve endings around the nipple, and increase interest and sexy.

Paragraph 4: Sexuality Fun Set

Sexuality fun sets usually include multiple accessories, such as lace gloves, lace belts, body chains, diamond necklaces, and so on.With clothing can increase the sexy atmosphere, which can stimulate each other’s lust and increase physical contact and pleasure by matching.

Paragraph 5: cortical underwear

Leather underwear usually gives a strong visual impact.In the foreplay, we can use more domineering ways to increase the atmosphere, such as letting women wear leather gloves, take leather whip, etc. These behaviors will make women feel more exciting and confused.

Paragraph 6: Beads underwear

Beaded underwear has a unique texture and irritation.In the foreplay, we can use gently shooting, friction and sliding to stimulate women’s bodies and increase sexy and romantic.

Paragraph 7: stockings and high heels

Stockings and high heels are the essential styles of many women, with sexy and elegant temperament.In the foreplay, we can first touch the texture and texture of the stockings, and then let women wear high heels.These behaviors can make women feel more confident and sexy.

Paragraph 8: Interest Hotel

Interesting hotels are a kind of service organized for couples, including various sex packages and venues, such as karaoke rooms, SPA bathtubs, massage bathtubs, etc.In the Fun Hotel, we can try a variety of foreplay methods to increase each other’s feelings and feelings.


Interest underwear is not only a sexy and romantic equipment, but also requires foreplay skills to enhance the atmosphere and effect.These techniques include: touch, kiss, and blowing air; touch, refine and stimulate milk stickers; add sexy atmosphere with clothing; use more domineering ways to increase the atmosphere; touch women’s bodies in a gentle way to increase stimuli; put on it on top ofStockings and high heels increase sexy; try various foreplay methods in the sex hotel.Using these techniques and combining personal preferences will make the foreplay more exciting and pleasant.

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