What fabric is used for sex underwear

What fabric is used for sex underwear

The design style of sexy underwear involves different fabrics to meet the characteristics of different body characteristics and occasions.Let’s discuss some fabrics commonly used in sexy underwear together.


Pure cotton is a kind of fabric with good breathability. It is soft and comfortable, flexible, is not easy to allergic, and will not be close to the skin.Therefore, many erotic underwear design uses cotton fabrics to provide a comfortable sense of skin sticking to the wearer, especially for people with sensitive skin.However, cotton fabrics are easy to wrinkle. You need to pay special attention to care to avoid improper washing and shrink and deform.


Lace yarn is a kind of fabric commonly used in sexy underwear. It is characterized by good breathability, lightness, transparency, soft texture, and feminine characteristics.Lace fabrics can be paired with different fabrics, such as silk, cotton and silk, elastic fabrics, etc., thereby forming different styles and textures.However, lace fabrics are not friendly for people with sensitive skin and need to pay attention to buying.


Silk is a fabric with high luster, gently feel, good breathability, and good hygroscopic. It is widely used in the design of sexy underwear.The erotic underwear made by silk is very suitable for special occasions. Because the silk is easy to keep it fluffy, it can be dried frequently.

Elastic fabric

Elastic fabric is an elastic fabric.Interests of underwear are nylon, spandex, polyester fiber, etc.These fabrics are characterized by softness, light quality, and small shrinkage. They will be close to the body when wearing it, and they will be integrated and modify.The disadvantage of elastic fabrics is impenetrable and poor breathability.Therefore, wearers need to replace underwear regularly to prevent bacteria from breeding and stimulating the skin.

PU leather

PU leather is a type of artificial leather. The texture of imitation of animal leather has reduced the waste of animal resources to the greatest extent.PU leather texture is soft, good breathability, and strong moisture absorption and durability.Because the PU leather is easy to clean and the renovation effect is good, many sexy underwear uses PU leather to gain more dressing experience.

synthetic fiber

There are many types of synthetic fibers and different performance.Commonly used are polyester, nylon, acrylic, pallon, etc.The characteristics of synthetic fibers are light, thin, bright, soft, breathable, easy to clean and care.Compared with other fabrics, the prices of synthetic fibers are more affordable and more popular. Therefore, synthetic fibers are commonly used in sexy underwear for customization.


Line cloth is a high -quality textile, which has the characteristics of nature, environmental protection, comfort, durability, good breathability, strong hygroscopic performance, especially suitable for summer wear.The linen fabric is breathable and hygroscopic, and also has excellent anti -bacterial deodorization ability.Although linen fabric is easy to wrinkle, the permeability is of great significance to women’s health.


Wool is a particularly suitable fabric that is suitable for healthy wear. It has good abrasion resistance, soft and comfortable, hygroscopic and release of heat performance.Wool fabrics are often used in sexy underwear design in the cold season to prevent the body from being cold and infected.


Simulation silk is a kind of artificial silk fabric. It has complex craftsmanship, good breathability, soft and luster, and comfortable to wear.The simulation silk is more skin -friendly, and the wearer will feel comfortable and comfortable.The simulation silk is not easy to wrinkle, and it is not easy to change color for a long time. It is very suitable for high -quality sexy underwear.


In short, for different occasions and the characteristics of wearing crowds, the fabric choices of sexy underwear should also be different.You need to pay attention to the texture, wearing comfort and breathability of the fabric to get a better dressing experience.It is hoped that this article can provide some useful information for beautiful women.

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