What does Taobao uploading fun underwear need

What does Taobao uploading fun underwear need


Before uploading sexy underwear, you need to complete basic preparations.First, you need to choose a high -quality camera device to take clear photos.Secondly, you need to consider using light to obtain the best photo quality.

Detailed photo

When uploading sex underwear, there should be at least five standard photos, including photos of the front, back, left, right, and details.Details should include fabrics, details, and any labels or trademarks.

Product Description

Accurate product description is essential for attracting potential buyers.You should include as much information as possible, such as size, color, material, cleaning instructions, etc.In addition, you can add some personal style or experience to make your products more attractive.


When uploading sexy underwear, you need to ensure that photos and description highlight the best selling point of the product.This may include any special design, exquisite details, or high -quality materials.Make sure your potential buyers can immediately see that your products are different.

Confirm the price of

When determining the price, you need to consider cost, quality and market demand.You can query the price of similar products to understand the scope of market price and determine reasonable prices based on this.However, remember not to set the price too high, otherwise it will cause the buyer’s dissatisfaction and bad reviews.

Guarantee service

Buying sex underwear is a sensitive experience, so you need to provide additional services to attract more potential customers.For example, provide fast or free logistics services, after -sales guarantees, etc.These additional services make your potential buyers more inclined to choose your product.

Pay attention to privacy and confidentiality

Uploading sex underwear is a very private thing, so you need to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of customer information.This includes the customer’s name, address, payment information, etc.Ensure that your privacy protection measures are effective and executed to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Follow buyer feedback

When uploading sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to your potential buyer feedback.This means that you need to check your shop, product description and price on a regular basis to understand the feedback of your potential buyers.In addition, you can build some channels that interact with customers to understand their needs and feedback more deeply.

Checkout and payment

After uploading interesting underwear to Taobao, the buyer will place an order and check out and pay.You need to ensure that the transaction is completed smoothly and the goods are issued within the promise time.At the same time, you need to provide good customer service to ensure that buyers are happy and satisfied during the transaction.


When uploading sexy underwear, accurate product description and detailed photos are the key to your success.In addition, you need to provide additional services and protect buyers’ privacy to ensure that you win the trust of customers.Finally, don’t forget to pay attention to your potential buyer feedback in order to continuously improve your products and services.

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