What does sexy underwear jumping eggs feel

What does fun underwear jumping eggs feel?

What is a sexy underwear jumping egg?

Interest underwear jumping eggs are a small compact device with vibration function, which is often used in sexy underwear.It can be controlled by wireless remote control or smartphone, and users can enjoy pleasure anytime, anywhere.

Sites of jumping eggs

Jumping eggs are generally used for personal fun or couple interaction.It can be used at home or when traveling.Because of the small and small, it can be installed on many types of sexy underwear to allow users to enjoy the pleasure.

Type of egg jumping

There are many kinds of jumping eggs in the market, from price, material to function.Generally speaking, good quality jumping eggs have a variety of vibration modes and different strengths, while the price is relatively low, the function is relatively simple.In addition, users can also choose jumping eggs with LED lights or other devices.

How to use egg jumping

Jumping eggs are very easy to get started, just insert it into underwear.Most jumping eggs have a rechargeable battery or can be replaced by the battery, and a remote control can be used to control the jumping eggs according to actual needs.High -end jumping eggs are often equipped with smart phone apps, and users can set up fragmented vibration mode through mobile phones.

Effects of jumping eggs

The jumping egg adds a stimulating atmosphere, and it can also provide a stronger and diverse pleasure experience.For men and women, they are a surprise that makes the relationship between the two more intimate.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Is there no noise in jumping eggs?

A: Generally speaking, the noise of jumping eggs is small.If you use in public places, please be careful not to loud.

Q: Is it still available for remote control over long distances?

A: In most cases, it is possible.However, in some environments (such as buildings and elevators), they may be disturbed.

Cleaning and maintenance of jumping eggs

After use, you should take out the jumping eggs and clean it in time.Use warm water and neutral cleaner during cleaning, and be careful not to flow water into the turntable and switching port.After washing, dry it with a dry towel to prevent the residual moisture from affecting the next time.In addition, it is recommended to store jumping eggs in a special packaging box or bag to prevent dust and damage.

What should jumping users pay attention to?

First of all, different people have different pleasure requirements. Therefore, when buying jumping eggs, try to choose products that meet their needs.Secondly, it is necessary to operate correctly in accordance with the instructions when using, pay attention to cleaning, maintenance work, and maintaining personal and equipment hygiene.Finally, do not keep the jumping eggs in the body for a long time, which will cause potential harm to the body.

Do you need to use lubricants?

Although the outer of the jumping egg is coated with a small amount of lubricant, it is still necessary to use an appropriate amount of lubricant when used, which can improve the comfort used.

my point of view

In general, sexy underwear jumping eggs are a good product that increases interest and excitement.However, pay attention to individual needs and hygiene issues when purchasing and use.Although there are many types of jumping products, only the correct products can make everyone fully enjoy the fun.

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