What are the most expensive brands in sex underwear


As a unique clothing, sexy underwear is very popular in the market because of its uniqueness and design sense.In the sexy underwear market, some brands are very expensive and daunting. Let’s take a look at the most expensive brands in the sexy underwear market.

La Perla (Labra)

La Perla is the premier erotic underwear brand in Italy. It has a history of 67 years. It is famous in the world with a variety of high -quality silk products and sexy styles.La Perla’s underwear is exceeded, and the noble material is added, and the high -quality manual production process is selected. Each underwear is handmade, so the price is very expensive.

Agent Provocateur (Proveon)

This brand comes from Britain. Since its establishment, it has been regarded as the iconic brand of sexy underwear.Agent Provocateur?The designers are famous for SEXY and unique, and the exquisite lace, beads and thick colored silk also achieved the title of "the most expensive underwear brand in the world".

Wolford (Walford)

Walford, from Austria, will produce every erotic underwear in the attitude that does not compromise in both quality and details.Each of it designed is like a high -end fashion. The details and streamlines are very symmetrical, and each suture is rigorous.The texture is very smooth and has very strong elasticity.

Aubade (Obad)

Obad is a French earlier erotic underwear brand. It is known as "the talent of sexy underwear". Each piece of sexy underwear is made by delicate handmade details.The tailoring method of the wave line with elegant and sexy design has created its high -level sense, and the price is a lot higher than the average sexy underwear.


Christis originated from the 16th century and is a classic and fashionable sexy underwear brand. Its concept is to reflect the beauty and elegance of women’s hearts while ensuring her fashion models and unique appearance.Christis sexy underwear is handmade. It is very sophisticated in terms of quality, technology, materials and workmanship. The price of a lingerie is generally high.


Xiangtier is a well -known French sexy lingerie brand. It is circulated in 25 countries. It is the definition of the iconic brand of fashion design and has a top -quality business concept. Its underwear series, regardless of quality, style, designThey are all excellent.The characteristics of this underwear are soft, comfortable, elegant and sexy, and expensive.

Bordelle (Bodell)

Pardell is an innovative sexy underwear brand from Britain.They use high -quality, ingredients, lace, and materials to produce underwear with a bit of PROVOCATEUR effect.The reason for the higher price is because they use comprehensive hand -cut and sewing high -quality materials to create a perfect experience for the wearer and have a high production cost.


Journelle was founded in 2007 and is a very popular sexy underwear brand in the United States.It focuses on the "European Royal Aristocratic" sexy underwear. The design style is simple and generous, gentle. The materials they choose are usually very high -end. The entire production process is handmade, so the price is more expensive.

2kstyle (2K style)

2KStyle is a sexy underwear brand from China. The design of its underwear perfectly combines Oriental Aesthetics and Western fashion elements. It is delicate and delicate. At the same timeVery high.

Kiki de Montparnasse

The history of this brand can be traced back to Paris in the 1920s. It is a very famous sexy underwear brand in France. It has a very unique sense of design, paying attention to interest and practicality, and the production materials are very high -end, even higher than most brands.Because of the superiority of quality, its price is also very expensive.


In the sexy underwear market, many high -end brands of underwear will be very high, which is usually due to the sum of factors such as material quality, design and handmade.Consumers can choose the most suitable brand and price according to their own needs, but we should cherish and protect for a valuable sexy underwear.

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