What are the fun underwear and underwear and underwear and underwear

What are the fun underwear and underwear and underwear and underwear

1. Through pants

Through pants are a common style in sexy underwear.It is characterized by forming a "Ding" type in the hip, exposing the part of the center of the hip.Suitable for women who want to show sexy charm.

2. T -pants

T -shaped pants are also a sexy sexy panties.The design of this kind of pants is to form a T -type crossing and rear, suitable for women with better figure to show their sexy.

3. Broken trousers

The design of the briefs is triangular, suitable for proportioned women to wear.It is characterized by less side coverage and can display the leg curve.

4. Uniform temptation

Uniform temptation is also called role -playing costume, which is very suitable for women who want to try different role -playing.For example, nurses, policewoman, teachers, etc., can also increase the fun of interest while stimulating interest.

5. Type style

Type -style erotic underwear is a thin and soft material design that can perfectly fit the body curve and show women’s sexy and charming.Good breathability and comfort make women wear more comfortably.

6. Leggings

Below pants and leggings are more suitable for inside, not only have a wonderful self -cultivation effect, but also can also keep warm.In addition to common materials such as tulle and lace, its material also has cotton and silk texture, making women more comfortable to wear and not easy to cause allergic reactions.

7. Women’s underwear

Women’s underwear is a more important type in sexy underwear.They include suspenders, bras, bras, underwear and small stockings, suitable for daily wear and fun.This underwear can effectively enhance women’s beauty and show their sexy charm.

8. Open underwear

Open underwear is a special type comparable to other types of sexy underwear.It opens the abdomen and lower crotch with a teasing effect, suitable for women who want to show unprecedented sexy charm.

9. lace style

Lace style is a very classic and common design in women’s underwear.Laces can not only reflect the elegance and quietness of women, but also emphasize their sexy feminine temperament.Lace -style sexy underwear is usually decorated with a large amount of lace, allowing women to show the charm of women in both inside and outside.

10. Stockings

Stockings, like sex underwear, are key designs in women’s dress.The characteristics of stockings are thin and thin, colorful, and very attractive.Putting on a strong sense of stockings will make women’s figures more slender, and the leg lines and shapes will be more charming.

All in all, the design of sexy underwear and underwear is becoming more and more diversified and diverse. It is suitable for women with different figures, different personalities, and different fun hobbies, so that they can get different sexy charm on different occasions.

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