What are the classifications of sexy underwear

What are the classifications of sexy underwear

Part 1: According to the material points

Interest underwear can be divided into five main categories: lace, silk, cotton, leather, and metal according to the classification of materials.Among them, lace materials are often used for sexy styles. Silk materials are often used in styles with higher comfort. Cotton materials are biased towards daily wear types, while leather and metal are relatively rare, which is a relatively special sexy underwear.

Part 2: divide by style

Fun underwear can be divided into six main categories, including bras, bottom pants, straps, jackets, role -playing clothing, and restraint appliances according to the classification of styles.Among them, bras and bottom pants are basic styles. Tips and jackets are often used for more artistic style design. Role -playing clothing is a choice of dress -up, while the restraint equipment belongs to sex toys such as SM or BD.

Part II

Fund underwear can be divided into four main categories: enhanced beauty type, body -shaping and weight -loss type, flirting and teasing type, and out -of -wear type.Enhanced aesthetic types are often used to increase the beauty of the body curve. The body shaping and slimming type adjusts the figure through fabrics and design. The flirting and tease type is a more interesting underwear, while the out -of -wear type is a fun underwear that takes into account practical and aesthetics.

Part 4: By color score

Sex underwear can be divided into black, white, red, pink, purple, blue, yellow and other colors according to the color.Among them, black and red may be the most classic color matching, while white is more used for underwear with more whitening and skin -brightening effects, while pink has a more girly -hearted style, and purple is a more mysterious and sexy option.

Part 5: According to adaptation of crowd points

Interest underwear can be divided into four groups: men, women, couples, and same -sex according to the adaptation crowd.The sexy underwear applied by men mainly includes various forms of sexy underwear, SM toys, etc.; The sexy underwear used by women includes various underwear such as bras, bottom pants;Underwear combinations, and sexy underwear applied to homosexuality has nothing to do with gender, focusing on comfort and beauty.

Part 6: By the design style

Fun underwear can be divided into different styles such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, Chinese and other styles according to the design style.European and American style sexy underwear is usually sexy and avant -garde; Japanese and Korean style sexy underwear pays more attention to cuteness and freshness; Chinese style is a more traditional Chinese -style element that integrates the product of sexy underwear.

Part 7: Port according to gender attributes

Sex underwear is divided into three types: women, men, and neutral according to gender attributes.Women’s sexy lingerie focuses on slender and sexy; men’s sexy lingerie is more plump and tough; neutral sexy underwear creates a sense of unclear gender in visual effects.

Part 8: Divide the price

Interest underwear can be divided into three types: high -end, mid -range, and low -end.Among them, high -end sexy underwear is generally good, the design is relatively exquisite, and the price is more expensive; mid -range sexy underwear is a product with a high price / performance ratio, often has a certain market buying point; low -grade erotic underwear is relatively simple.There are defects, and the price is cheaper.


Sexy underwear is a very personal product. Different people have different needs, so the classification of sexy underwear is relatively rich.When choosing sexy underwear, we need to choose the type of underwear that suits us according to our needs.Whether it is style, color, material, price or function, you can find your own suitable products in various categories.

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