What about sexy underwear rabbit tail

How to match the rabbit tail of sexy underwear?

1 Introduction

Sexy underwear is a fashion that modern women pay more and more attention.It not only allows women to show their beauty in the boudoir, but also increase sexual interest.Among them, the rabbit tail is widely considered a classic element of sexy underwear.So how to match the rabbit tail is the trouble of many women.Below, we will explore from several aspects.

2. Rabbit Tail style introduction

The rabbit tail can be divided into multiple styles.Common rabbit tails are white, black and pink, etc., and there are different materials such as crystal rabbit tails and lace rabbit tails.In addition, the rabbit tail can also be divided into two types: solid rabbit tail and soft rabbit tail.Different styles and materials will have a certain effect on the matching.

3. Rabbit ear matching

Rabbit ears are another classic element of many sexy underwear.If you wear a sexy underwear with rabbit ears, it is important to ensure that your rabbit tail is matched with the color and material of the ears.If your erotic underwear is equipped with white rabbit ears, then the white solid rabbit tail is your best choice, and the soft rabbit tail with tassel can better match the ears of the lace rabbit.

4. Color matching

The color of the rabbit tail should be matched with the color of the sexy underwear.If the main color of your sexy underwear is black, then the black rabbit tail is a good choice that makes your sexy underwear look more harmonious.If your sexy underwear is red, then the white solid rabbit tail can play a good embellishment.And if your sexy underwear is more fancy, it will be better to choose a rabbit tail with the same color as one of them.

5. Material matching

In terms of choosing the material of the rabbit tail, it is important to match the fabrics of the sexy underwear.If your sexy underwear is made of silk, then the crystal rabbit tail is your best choice.The translucent crystal material can be well matched with the silk to increase the visual effect.If your sexy underwear uses a close -fitting material, then the soft rabbit tail is more suitable, and the lace can highlight the softness of the underwear.


The combination of the rabbit tail also needs to take into account the use of sex toys.For example, in private places, such as family or hotels, we can choose larger and more obvious rabbit tails with sexy underwear to highlight the noble and sexy of sexy underwear.In public, we should choose some more conservative and less obvious rabbit tails.

7. Personal style matching

Each woman has her own personal style, so choosing a rabbit tail should also be as good as possible.If you like cute and gentle feelings, then pink soft rabbit tails and white lace rabbit tails are a good choice.And if you want to highlight your sexy, then the black solid rabbit tail and almost transparent crystal rabbit tail will help.

8. Other factors that need to be considered

In addition to the above factors, other factors should also be considered.First of all, the size should be appropriate, otherwise the rabbit tail will look unsuitable.Secondly, you should ensure that all components can be properly maintained from cleaning to achieve the best results.Finally, choose the type of sexy underwear that is matched with the rabbit tail to ensure that they are good.

9. Summary

Rabbit tail is not only a fashion element of sexy underwear, but also can increase your sexual interest.Choosing the right rabbit tail involves many aspects, such as color, material, style, size, and so on.When choosing a rabbit tail that suits you, you can choose according to your style, sexy toys and other factors.

10. Condor scholarship

Finally, provide a tips.If your rabbit tail becomes dilapidated and you don’t want to buy a brand new rabbit tail, then you can sew it on a black belt, and then wear it.This can not only get a new feeling, but also save money.

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