Wearing sex underwear to collect courier qi

Wearing sex underwear to collect courier qi

When the delivery staff rings the doorbell, you just wear sexy underwear. At this time, the qi and sexy are not comparable to ordinary clothes.It may not be possible for everyone to wear a sexy underwear to collect express delivery, but for those who like to play, this is definitely a very good choice.Below, we will see some techniques and suggestions for wearing sexy underwear to collect express delivery.

1. Make sure comfort and suitable size

The first step in wearing a sexy underwear is to ensure comfortable wear and choose underwear suitable for your own size.If the underwear is too small or too tight, it will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also make you feel unconfident.If you are not sure of your size, it is best to try on underwear first to make sure it is suitable for your body.

2. Choose suitable underwear styles

When you are wearing underwear to collect express delivery, make sure you choose a suitable style.From low -cut to thong, each sexy underwear has a different style.If you feel a little shy, you can start trying from a more conservative style.

3. Make sure the underwear is matched with clothing

When you are wearing a sexy underwear, you hope to make yourself look more sexy, and it is very important to ensure that underwear matches your clothing.If you wear dark underwear, it is best to wear dark clothes to avoid any color that does not match.

4. Use the right accessories

It is also necessary to add some accessories to themselves for those who love to play.Whether it is high heels, stockings or necklaces and earrings, accessories can make your sexy underwear more perfect.

5. Find the right occasion

Obviously it is not suitable for all occasions wearing a sexy underwear.You need to find a relatively safe and private environment to avoid any embarrassment.You can choose to wait for the courier at home, or go to the courier point with the person you trust.

6. Adjust your mentality

It takes a certain amount of courage and confidence in wearing a sexy underwear.You need to believe your appearance and believe in your charm.Adjust your mentality so that you can feel comfortable and confident in order to achieve the best effect.

7. Pay attention to your posture and words and deeds

In addition to clothing, your words and deeds will also affect the entire atmosphere.Ensure that your posture is dignified and generous, and you are decent to ensure the impressive effect.

8. Respect your own feelings

Finally, wearing underwear also needs to consider your own feelings.If you feel uncomfortable or feel a little shy, you can choose to try to play in your own home first, and slowly get used to this feeling.


Wearing a sexy underwear, courier can not only make you feel good, but also add interest to the whole environment.Just follow the above skills and suggestions to stay away from any embarrassing situation and enjoy the beautiful experience brought by your mood and sexy underwear.

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