Wearing erotic underwear is not lasting

It is impossible to wear sex underwear for a long time

Many people like to wear sexy underwear to add self -confidence and sexy, but some people find that wearing durability is not high, and it is easy to feel uncomfortable or want to take off.This problem has plagued many sexy underwear enthusiasts, so why not lasting sex underwear?

Unwilling size can cause discomfort

Choosing the correct size is a key factor to ensure lasting.Buying too small sizes will make the underwear too tight, and the size of a large size will make the underwear down, both of which will cause discomfort.The correct size should fit the body, not too tight or too loose, and give the body comfortable support.

Poor quality underwear manufacturing process is not rigorous

Some cheap erotic underwear brands may not pay attention to quality control during the manufacturing process, and have not undergone strict product testing, resulting in unsuccessful underwear.These underwear may shrink or degenerate, which makes the wearer feel uncomfortable.

Do not match the style of wearing style and activities

Do not match the style and activities, it will also lead to the unsuccessful erotic underwear.For example, a too gorgeous underwear may be suitable for a romantic dinner but not suitable for daily wear. On the other hand, it is not comfortable to wear sports underwear for housework.

Improper material selection

Improper material selection is also one of the reasons for unsuccessful sex underwear.Some synthetic materials may cause allergies or too much moisture, and then cause the underwear to fade or lose elasticity quickly.Good sexy underwear should use breathable natural fibers, such as cotton or silk, or elastic synthetic materials.

Incorrect washing method

Interest underwear should not only choose the correct size and suitable materials, it is also important to clean it correctly.The use of a laundry to clean the sexy underwear will usually destroy materials and adversely affect the elasticity.Hand washing underwear is the best choice, but some people use overheated water or strong pollutants, which will also affect the quality of underwear.

Wear and damage

Sex underwear is also the same as ordinary clothing, which will become worn and damaged in daily wear.Saton fabrics such as stockings and lace are relatively easy to wear, so in order to wear sexy underwear for a long time, it is necessary to replace underwear regularly.

Not in line with personal preferences or styles

The personal taste of clothing is also one of the reasons for the lasting problem of sexy underwear.For many people, wearing comfort and conforming to their own style is a key factor in wearing sexy lingerie for a long time.If you don’t like to wear tight underwear, it is a good choice to choose a comfortable and beautiful loose underwear.

in conclusion

It is a common problem to wear sexy underwear.In order to reduce this problem, you need to choose the correct size and quality underwear. It is also necessary to choose underwear that meets personal preferences and style. It is also necessary to properly maintain underwear.I hope that these tips above can help friends wearing sexy underwear solve the problem of lasting.

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