Wear transparent erotic sheet

Wear transparent erotic sheet

Wearing transparent erotic underwear can make women add confidence and sexy, but how to choose transparent sexy underwear?This article will introduce different sexy underwear types and how to choose transparent sexy underwear.

1. Shining sexy opening sexy underwear

Open -file sexy underwear has the characteristics of bright and extremely sexy.Among them, the front openings and the rear openings are the two most common designs.Consider your body and personality, and the choice of transparency before choosing this underwear.

2. Transparent lace sexy underwear

The tolerance and softness of lace sexy underwear can give women noble and charming.The transparent lace sexy underwear is definitely an ideal choice to capture men’s attention.When choosing, you can consider the different degrees of transparency and the selection of color and the fineness of the yarn.

3. Combined with the sexy underwear of the eye

Net eye sex lingerie can show the sexy of women’s skin, and also increases the transparency of clothes due to density control.It has a lot of styles, you can choose a courses and split design, and choose according to the occasion and body.

4. Liney sexy lingerie

Liney sexy underwear has noble and natural beauty.It can be made with lace or perspective fabric, which increases texture and transparency.Through its transparency, it shows the perfect body curve.

5. Three -dimensional sculpture erotic lingerie

The three -dimensional carving erotic underwear is composed of a layer of lace petals. Through this design, the underwear can increase the sense of layering and transparency, and at the same time enhance the lighting effect.It can also fully show the beautiful body and sexy posture of women.


Concentrated fantasy and sexy underwear is made of different materials such as light pivot tight cocoon coat, artificial leather, linen and other materials.This sexy underwear is not transparent, but it can achieve a transparent effect through light.Wearing this underwear can evoke the opposite mood.

7. Black color sexy underwear

Black -colored sexy underwear is considered one of the symbols of sexy women, and transparency is strengthened.It is not only suitable for various occasions, but also for women of different figures.Putting it can make women exude a charming light.

8. Belly Board of Sexy underwear

There is often only one piece of fabric in front of the bellyband sexy underwear, so its transparency is very high.It is usually used for private elite occasions and choose according to its body and chest size.

in conclusion:

When choosing transparent sexy underwear, consider your body, occasion and personality, and transparency, instead of blindly follow the trend.Wearing transparent erotic underwear can not only show their beautiful figure and sexy posture, but also increase women’s confidence and charm.

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