Wear sex underwear for lover

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Wear sex underwear for lover

When you want to shock your lover and get a perfect stimulus to him or her, you can choose a set of sexy erotic underwear.Although sexy underwear is designed for sensational, women in sexy underwear will be more confident and sexy.Before wearing a sexy underwear, there are several points that need to be understood. Let’s take a look together.

Choose the underwear style that suits you

First of all, it is particularly important to choose a sexy underwear style that suits you.The sexy underwear that is suitable for your body and chest will not only make you more comfortable to wear, but also make you feel more confident and sexy.

Exclusive design and brand

Friends who are familiar with sex underwear must know that the brand and quality of underwear have a lot to do.Some brands are very unique in design and allow you to get unprecedented experience.In addition, buying brand sex underwear can also ensure quality and comfort.

Selection of underwear color

There are a lot of considerations in color choices. How to choose depends on the image and atmosphere you want to show.Bright colors represent vitality and vitality, while black and red represent mystery and passion.

material selection

Choosing a fabric that suits you is an important part of the purchase of sex underwear.For people with sensitive skin or requirements for materials, such as cotton, silk, or pure cotton, you can choose soft, sweat -absorbent underwear.

Style selection

In the same color, different styles of sexy underwear will have different effects. You can choose high heels, socks, scarves and other accessories according to your body lines to highlight the beautiful curve of your figure.

unexpected surprise

After buying a sexy underwear, please don’t show it to your lover easily.You can share the room with your lover at a special moment, such as birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, and put on sexy underwear to surprise him.

Atmosphere preparation

A perfect erotic underwear requires a harmonious atmosphere, making the lover excited about the mystery you are about to appear.You can choose a suitable music, atmosphere or your lover’s favorite doll to create a more attractive and mysterious atmosphere.

Confidence and comfort are the key

Wearing sexy underwear is a sexy and confident behavior.When wearing sexy underwear, make sure you feel comfortable and happy.

Combined body language

While wearing sexy underwear, it is also important to show his attitude and behavior of his lover.Through physical language, you can show your self -confidence and sexy.Such as exposing full chest, swinging sexy and beautiful buttocks, etc.

Adjust the mentality

Finally, please make sure you are emotionally happy and relaxed before wearing sexy underwear.Whether you wear the process or wear sexy underwear, you need to maintain a happy and comfortable mentality to gain the best enjoyment experience.


Putting on sexy underwear is a very exciting and interesting experience, bringing visual and psychological enjoyment to your lover, and strengthening your body and mental confidence.When wearing a sex lingerie, make sure your confidence and comfort to achieve the best experience.

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