Wear sex underwear and men’s videos

Wear sex underwear and men’s videos

Wearing erotic underwear can not only add interest, but also help women feel more confident and sexy.If you want your man to be completely losing his mind when you see you, then the video of the sexy underwear with him may be a bold attempt.In this article, I will provide you with some skills and suggestions about wearing sexy underwear and men to shoot videos.

1. Choose the right underwear style

(H2) Different people have different preferences

(P) First of all, you need to clarify your man’s sexual orientation.For heterosexual men, sexy lace and mesh underwear are usually very popular.But for homosexual men, more exposed and avant -garde styles may be more appreciated.No matter what style you choose, you need to choose the style of underwear that suits you and the body, so that you are more confident when you are pushing your posture.

2. Prepare your own posture

(H2) The posture must have a sense of layering

(P) The key to shooting sexy underwear selfie videos is to find your best angle, and put on some layered postures, while maintaining naturally as much as possible.Some simple postures include lying on the bed, covering part of the body with your hands, or slightly legs.Through some natural actions and expressions, you can make your videos more attractive.

3. Develop some basic rules

(H2) Different requirements for different people

(P) Before starting, you need to negotiate some basic rules with your man.Considering that there may be differences between men and men, there may be something you don’t want to shoot.For yourself, there may be different requirements for some exposure -all need to be determined in advance to avoid embarrassing situations when shooting video together.

4. Gradually expose the body part

(H2) Do not expose all in the first time

(P) No matter what underwear and position you choose and your man, you must remember the principles of gradually exposing the body.Although it may be attractive to see that men can see at the beginning, it may make you lose some room for suspense and fun.If you can increase the dramatic and interesting feelings by gradually exposing the body, then this is usually more attractive.

5. Add some sex products

(H2) Fochrier is necessary

(P) If you want to shoot some more interesting videos, it may be a good idea to add some sexy supplies.One massage stick or a handcuffs can usually increase some feelings, and at the same time make you more relaxed.Of course, you may also attract some men who are interested in these appliances by adding sex products.

6. Choose a suitable place

(H2) The location must be mood

(P) Choosing a suitable place is essential for shooting a satisfactory video.Generally speaking, some romantic beds or bathrooms may be more emotional.If you are trying something more bold, you may consider some more emotional places, such as hotel rooms or party, which can also increase the interest of the video.

7. Don’t use flash

(H2) The flash will destroy everything

(P) Make sure not to use the flash when making video.The flash destroys the visual experience of natural lights, and may cause some reflection and timing problems.So keep natural light as much as possible so that the videos you shoot will be more natural and comfortable.

8. Keep a relaxed mentality

(H2) As long as you adapt, you can easily handle

(P) Shooting sexy underwear videos may make you feel a little nervous and embarrassing.However, as long as you maintain an optimistic and relaxed mentality, and you can follow the trend, these problems can be dealt with.When you shoot, you will have a problem, don’t forget to stop and restart.

9. Edit your video

(H2) Edit your video

(P) Once you complete the video, you may need to edit and edit it.You can use some free video software to cut videos, add music, adjust the light and color balance, and change the speed of the video.Make sure your final version is in line with your hobbies and feelings in music and any other audio elements.

10. Summary

(H2) Keep patiently and believe in yourself

(P) Shooting sexy underwear videos may be a challenge, but if you can maintain optimism, be patient, and only believe in yourself, then you may be surprised to find that this is an interesting adventure and accumulation of more confidence.If you want to get rid of some conventional shooting methods or contact your man more intimately, then shooting sexy underwear videos may be a good attempt.

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