Wear sex underwear 99 videos

Wear sex underwear 99 videos

When we talk about sexy underwear, we usually think of exciting and sexy European and American style, but sexy underwear is not just a patent in Europe and the United States.In Japan, they are a common fashion, and in China, wearing erotic underwear is becoming more and more popular.This article will introduce you to many options of sexy underwear types and provide you with some skills to wear these underwear.


For many women, bras are the first step in wearing sexy underwear.When we talk about sexy underwear, most people first think of natural arcs and plump curves.In order to achieve this visual effect, women can choose a bra with filling pads and lining, and a cup of transparent material doubles the atmosphere.In addition, tie rod bras are more common and more convenient.


The bottom pants have no pants legs, and they are usually used with sexy underwear.Lace, net eye, and silk are all good choices, and transparent bottom pants can create a plump curve effect.From T -shaped pants to V -shaped pants, from low waist pants to high waist pants, there are many different options that can meet your needs.

Private part decoration

Adding decoration can make the effect of sexy underwear more prominent.For the private part, you can use lace or pearl decoration to create a more gorgeous effect, allowing men to accelerate the heartbeat.In addition, there are cute bows, charm net eyes, and decoration of dress style, which can be selected according to the choice of different individuals.

Embroidery pattern

Embroidery is a design pattern obtained by clever combination of materials and colors.These can be cartoon characters, flowers, ice cream, etc. The design of sexy underwear will make you feel more interesting and confident.At the same time, if you use embroidery, when a man takes off your clothes, the surprise will definitely be extremely great.

Stroke sexy underwear

Stand -style sexy underwear can not only show the beauty of women, but also enhance the entire decoration effect.This type of sexy underwear is also more suitable for the design of many naked parts, especially when it is equipped with a linseed texture, it will have a smooth texture, and it is also a enjoyment of the skin.

Open -type sexy underwear

The opening design on the placket -type erotic underwear can show the curve of the chest and waist, which increases the effect of seduce the opposite sex, so that you are confident when facing your objects.This underwear is also loved by many people due to comfortable wearing, and it is also a rare experience to wear it under leisure.

Set sexy sheet

Set sexy underwear is designed by designers to highlight your beauty.These fun sets include T pants, suspenders, bras and bottoms.The neat shape of the suit is more suitable visually, especially suitable for romantic nights.


Color is another important consideration of sexy underwear.Transparent underwear can use clear colors, such as rose red or light green to create color contrast effects.Black is usually considered the sexiest color. It can create a calm and mysterious effect, and gold and silver can increase the sense of lofty and gorgeousness.


Wearing erotic underwear is not only to seduce the opposite sex, but also allows you to be confident and enjoyed more joy.Trying a variety of different styles and colors in the process of choosing sex underwear is one of the most interesting things.The most important thing is to choose a sexy underwear that suits you and integrate it confidently to enjoy your own charm!

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