Wear sex jackets during the movie

Wear sex jackets during the movie

Have you ever watched the heroine in the movie in the movie wearing sexy sexy underwear, making you not help but widen your eyes?The film industry’s image of sexy underwear is always so mysterious and attractive, making people unlimited guessing.In real life, sexy underwear is different from daily underwear, and it has more sexy and imaginative space.After all, what kind of sexy underwear is suitable for the heroine in the movie to be better when wearing?This article will give you the answer.

1. Red lace sexy underwear

In many movies, red has always been a symbol of sexy, especially wearing sexy underwear.A set of red lace sexy underwear adds a lot of color and mystery to you, making you look more attractive.

2. Black tulle underwear

Black is a universal color, both daily underwear or sexy underwear, especially the black tulle underwear.It looks more sexy, mysterious and seductive, the most suitable heroine who wants to show the greatest charm in the movie.

3. Silk underwear

If you want to show a more elegant female image, then wearing silk sexy underwear is the best choice.Its texture is really good, and it looks soft and comfortable.It can create a more elegant and mature female image in the movie.

4. Even body fun underwear

Even physical and erotic underwear is a relatively novel style, which is rarely understood.Put on it, you will feel very sexy and confident.Even physical underwear can not only shape your figure, but also enhance your body language and body aesthetics.The heroine in the movie is definitely the best choice for such physical and sexy underwear.

5. Establishing fun underwear

Establishing very classic styles in the field of interesting underwear can make you look more elegant and intelligent.The sexy underwear design of this style is simple but not sexy. It is a choice that adds beauty in the movie and will not appear too exposed.

6. Switching sexy underwear

Stitching sexy underwear can add some creative elements to the hidden hidden in the avant -garde.Its design is very unique, but it is sexy and gorgeous.If you want to show that the heroine has some extraordinary abilities or subverts traditional aesthetics in the movie plot, then the stitching style of sexy underwear must be your most ideal choice.

7. Lace cover stomachache underwear

For girls who want to cover up the lower abdomen, the sexy lingerie style of lace belly will be a very suitable choice.Compared with other erotic underwear, this style pays more attention to the processing of details. It has a lace lace that is more delicate than other styles, making traditional charm and modern sexuality.

8. Denim sex shell

If you want the character to show a very unique style in some scenarios, then the denim sexy underwear style can help you achieve this goal.This style is full of interest and vitality, making your image more energetic and creative.

In the movie, the choice of erotic underwear should be closely related to the image of the character, so as to show the most authentic and most suitable taste.In real life, choosing sexy underwear, of course, need to consider more personal shape and personality. Only by showing yourself can you emit the most beautiful glory at any time.

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