Washing the erotic underwear picture Daquan

Washing the erotic underwear picture Daquan

If you accidentally choose incorrect washing methods to clean your erotic underwear, then your underwear may lose their special texture and color, which is why correctly cleaning your sexy underwear.Next we will share some important skills to ensure that your sexy underwear is kept beautiful and correct.In addition, we also provide some full -washing erotic underwear pictures for reference.

1. Classified cleaning

Different types of erotic underwear require different washing methods.Some underwear need to be washed by hand, and some can be cleaned with a washing machine.The best way is to determine the best washing method based on the materials of the underwear, the suggestion of the manufacturer and your experience.Some common sexy underwear, such as stockings, aphrodisiacs, sexy underwear, and gangster underwear, etc., you need to pay special attention.

2. Use a dedicated laundry

Fun underwear usually uses soft fabrics, and ordinary detergents may deprive them of their special texture.Therefore, it is best to use laundry designed for underwear.These washing agents do not contain pollutants or whitening agents, which can maintain the special texture of sexy underwear.

3. Use cold water to clean

High temperature and strong friction are very easy to destroy the fabric of sexy underwear.Therefore, it is best to use cold water for cleaning to keep the underwear’s special texture and color.In addition, do not rub off excessive friction during washing to avoid damaging the fabric.

4. The correct method of hand washing

Washing sexy underwear needs special attention.Take an appropriate amount of laundry solution and soak underwear in water.Gently rub to remove dirt and avoid underwear to contact any rough surface.Avoid twisting or stretching, which may cause damage to the tempered skeleton.

5. Make sure thorough cleaning

Make sure that sexy underwear is completely cleaned.When the cleaning is completed, it is best to gently squeeze with your hands or pat it with a towel to remove the excess water.Then hang them in a well -ventilated place.

6. The correct way to store underwear

Properly speaking in sex lingerie is important for maintaining their quality.Underwear should be placed in a dry and cool place to avoid exposure, humidity and high temperature.Professional sexy underwear boxes can also have a good protection effect.

7. Spend some time to maintain the beauty of sexy underwear

When you wash your sexy underwear, if you find that they have some stains or dirt, spend some time for special cleaning.Remember, if you keep the sexy underwear clean and beautiful, you will maintain your beauty and confidence.

8. Encyclopedia for saving underwear

Finally, we provide you with some beautiful sexy underwear to save pictures for your reference.These pictures include various types of underwear, such as stockings, sexy Lingerie, sexy jackets, transparent underwear and so on.I hope these pictures can provide you with some beauty inspiration and the help of cleaning sex underwear.

The preserved sexy underwear pictures are attached below: (here some sexy underwear pictures are inserted)

Viewpoint: Correct cleaning and storage methods can help sex underwear to maintain a beautiful and special texture.Keep your underwear clean and beautiful, you can maintain your beauty and confidence.

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