Village wave women wearing fun underwear novels


Rural waves women wear sexy lingerie novels, which sound interesting but not rigorous. Interest underwear does not only belong to urban women. Rural women also have the right to wear sexy underwear.This article will focus on some sexy lingerie styles that are suitable for rural women, and provide some suggestions for purchasing sexy underwear for rural women.

Sexy and comfortable sexy underwear

The first element of sexy underwear is sexy, but if it is not comfortable, breathable, personal, durable, etc., it will lose the essence of underwear.For rural women, daily work is heavy and comfortable. Therefore, it is suitable for sexy underwear that is suitable for sexy and comfortable, such as the use of silk, lace, cotton and other sexy underwear.

The matching of coats and underwear

Interesting underwear is matched with coats. The color, shape, material, etc. of the clothes will affect the choice of sexy underwear.The clothes that rural women may wear are relatively simple and simple, which requires the finishing touch of sexy underwear.For example, you can choose a colorful or flower -printed sexy underwear with simple clothes.

Suitable for different body types of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is purchased according to the personal figure.For rural women, the figure is generally burly, so you need to choose a sexy underwear that suits your body.For plump women, choosing sexy underwear with good abdominal performance can have a good slimming effect.

The choice of transparent and opaque sexy underwear

Rural women’s families are more under pressure and require a adjustment method that can decompress for life.Sexy underwear can help rural women show their charming and sexy aspects at home.However, different occasions require different sexy underwear choices. In order to avoid embarrassment, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear with lower transparency or opaque on the occasion of outsiders.

The choice of sexy underwear in the four seasons

Rural women are easily recommended by promoters to recommend the current most popular sexy underwear during their shopping, but these underwear may not be suitable for the four seasons.For summer, breathable and comfortable sexy underwear is the best choice; in winter, it is recommended to choose warm sexy underwear.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is one of the more classic styles in sexy underwear.For rural women, this style of sexy underwear is not only sexy, but also has both softness and comfort, which is also suitable for family life.In addition, lace sexy underwear is also easy to match daily clothes.

Chain sexy underwear

Chain -type sexy underwear may be more different for some women, but in rural areas, this style of sexy underwear is relatively small, so it has a unique charm.In addition, the chain -type sexy underwear has a good waist effect, which is very suitable for more full rural women.

Triangle sexy underwear

Triangle sex underwear is a more common style in sexy underwear. It can cover the breasts well, making the chest full and full, and it is also very comfortable.So it is a very recommended sexy lingerie style.

Brand selection

In the process of choosing sexy underwear, rural women can choose according to the brand.For example, the characteristics of three brands of brands, AIMER, etc. have good quality of sex underwear, high comfort, and fine details of workmanship.


Whether it is urban women or rural women, sexy underwear is a unique and sexy underwear, but don’t forget the functionality of sexy underwear itself. Choosing sexy underwear suitable for your own body, activities and time is the best way to be beautiful.EssenceI hope this article can provide some useful suggestions for rural women who want to buy sexy underwear.

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