Victoria’s Secrets Funny Underwear


Sexy underwear is a good thing to closer the relationship between husband and wife and lovers, and Victoria’s Secrets and Secrets are more sexy and unique representatives.Victoria’s Secret has always been the dream of many girls. Not only because of its fashionable but also its underwear is also very sexy. Today we will understand the latest Victoria’s Secrets of the Secrets of Victoria.

Sexy underwear style

The style of Victoria’s Secrets and Interests is mainly simple and sexy.The small and exquisite design shows the body to the fullest, and the combination of black and red has created a classic sexy temperament.The design of the details, such as lace, silk satin, etc., all reflect luxury and elegance.

Bust and cup type

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is important to pay attention to the bust and cup type of the bra.There is no doubt that Victoria’s Secret is in place.The bras of the bra are in line with the chest, and the cup type is soft enough to shape the perfect chest shape.

Briefs and lace edges

The briefs and lace are another feature of Victoria’s secrets.The briefs are very fit, while the lace edges make people feel more comfortable.At the same time, this style of underwear uses innocent and small design, which is very suitable for sexy and naive women.

Perspective and hollow design

Perspective and hollow design are very popular elements in recent years. As a representative of Victoria’s Secrets and Instead, this design shows her skills in Victoria’s Secret’s sexy underwear.The hollow design and perspective installation can show women’s unique beautiful figures and graceful lines.

Pajamas and suspenders

Pajamas and suspenders are another feature of Victoria’s Secret Secret.This style is very suitable for wearing in the bedroom.The suspender skirt and pajamas can be paired with sexy underwear to achieve better visual effects and comfort.

Half cup and full cup

Victoria’s Secret’s erotic underwear uses a half cup and full cup design in the design.Half cups are more suitable for women with less milk, which can highlight the lines of the chest shape; while the whole cup is suitable for women with large milk, it can provide better support effects.

Shoulder strap and back design

The design of the shoulder strap and back is also one of the important factors of sexy underwear.Victoria’s Secrets’ Secrets of the Secrets can support the chest and make the chest look more upright; the design of the back can show women’s sexy lines and curves.

Lace and silk fabric

The lace and silk fabric are another highlight of Victoria’s Mysterious and sexy underwear.The treatment of the details is never sloppy, and each place reflects the unique style of the brand.The combination of silk fabric and lace also shows the style and taste of Victoria’s Secret Secret.

Hook buckle and stripe design

In detail, hook buckle and striped design are also one of the characteristics of Victoria’s secrets.The hook buckle is relatively small and looks very beautiful; the striped design can play a role in modifying the figure.

Perfect size matching

For underwear, the matching of size is very important.It has a great impact on the favorability and comfort of underwear.Victoria’s Secret has also achieved perfect matching in this regard, which can meet the needs of women in different bodies.


Whether it is a husband and wife, a lover or a single nobleman, sexy underwear is undoubtedly a good choice to enhance women’s confidence and sexy.Victoria’s Secret, as a representative of fashion and sexy, is unique and comfortable in the design of the sexy underwear, which is very suitable for women to use in the bedroom.I hope that every woman can choose the sexy underwear that suits you best, and experience the joy brought by sexy and confidence.

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