Use erotic underwear for thesis topic

Research Background

Interesting underwear is a unique clothing, which is very different from traditional underwear, with distinctive sexy elements and unique design styles.At the same time, under the current market economy, sexy underwear is a special product that is different from ordinary underwear as a special product.In today’s social background, people’s perception of sex has become relatively open, and sexy underwear shows its powerful market attractiveness as a popular product.Based on these backgrounds, developing a research paper on sexy underwear will be an interesting challenge with academicity, and it is also a in -depth discussion on the current society and business phenomena.

Research material

For the beginning of the paper, a reliable data and material source are essential.Therefore, you can find the material from the following aspects.

Market size and trend

Understanding the market size and trend is critical to the research of sexy underwear.Relevant data can be obtained through social surveys, market reports, product sales data and other channels, and analyzes the trend.

Cultural background and historical development

The development and popularity of sexy underwear is closely related to the traditional cultural background and historical background.Therefore, to study sexy underwear, we need to comprehensively consider these historical and cultural elements to understand its impact on the current sexy underwear.

Design style and characteristics

The design style and characteristics of traditional underwear are different from the traditional underwear.Therefore, in the research of the paper, she can explore her design concepts, popular styles and changes.

Research methods

There are many ways to study sexy underwear, such as social survey, data analysis, literature review, design analysis, etc.The choice of specific methods should be considered based on the research goals and resource conditions.

research content

The content of the thesis can be expanded from the following aspects:

Historical development and the discussion of cultural elements

From the origin of sexy underwear to modern development, systematically discuss its development history, and study the cultural elements behind it, such as traditional Chinese clothing, the impact of Chinese clothing on sexy underwear.

Analysis of design characteristics and popular trends

Start with the design characteristics, popular styles and changes in sex underwear, start an analysis of its design style, explore its connection with contemporary culture, and try to predict its development trend.

Research on business models and marketing

The business model and marketing of sexy underwear are also a very interesting topic. In -depth research on its business model and marketing methods, understanding its business value, and further understanding this charming and controversial category.


Studying sexy underwear is of great significance for the current business phenomenon and cultural trends.In the future development trend, erotic underwear must show more responsibility and social responsibility to society, the public and culture, which also puts forward higher requirements for the development of erotic underwear.


In the process of completing the papers, references are essential. It can provide relevant data and theoretical support, adjust research ideas and improve quality.For research on sexy underwear, you can refer to the following information and books:

The history of lingerie

Sensualities/TextualIITIES and Technologies: Writings of the Body in 21st Century Performance

The story of lingerie


As a unique clothing category, sexy underwear will continue to increase its market and cultural value in the future.The study of sexy underwear is not only a discussion on the current social trends and cultural phenomena, but also a study of business value and development trends, so as to better understand this controversial category.

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