Use a ribbon to make sexy underwear

1 Introduction

In sexy underwear, ribbons are often used to increase sexy and mysterious.This soft and smooth thin band can form a variety of graceful shapes, showing the perfect package of the body curve to people.Today, we will introduce how to use a ribbon to make a sexy underwear.

2. Material preparation

To make a ribbon erotic underwear, we need to prepare the following materials:

A wide ribbon with a length of about 4 meters


A pair of scissors

A little creative and patient

3. Choose the right position

It is also important to choose the right place when making a ribbon sexy underwear.It is best to choose a private and safe place to ensure that the outside world will not disturb our production process.It is recommended to complete indoors or private rooms.

4. Choose a style that suits you

Because ribbons can make a variety of different shapes and styles, we can choose a style that suits us.You can refer to the design and style of some sexy underwear, or design some unique shapes yourself.

5. Start production

First of all, we can choose a suitable clothes as the basis, such as bra, underwear, bikini, etc.Fix a ribbon on the clothes with a needle, wrap the ribbon around the body, adjust the tightness and position of the ribbon appropriately, and fix it with a needle.

6. Creative imagination

When we make a ribbon sexy underwear, don’t limit our imagination.You can use ribbons to make various shapes and styles, such as heart shape, V -shaped, nine shapes, and so on.You can also add some beads, lace or other decorations to the ribbon to create a unique sexy lingerie style.

7. Note

When making a ribbon sexy underwear, you must pay attention to safety issues.Try to avoid tight ribbons to avoid affecting blood circulation and breathing.At the same time, do not choose a design of too hollowed or porous, so as not to leak the skin to cause damage.

8. Complete product display

When we finish the production of ribbon sexy underwear, we can try to wear it on our body and go to the mirror to observe.A sexy ribbon sexy underwear can not only increase our confidence and attractiveness, but also provide unforgettable romantic and sexual experience.

9. End language

Ribbon is a very sexy and mysterious element that plays an important role in the production of sexy underwear.Through creative use and imagination, we can easily make our own ribbon erotic lingerie and enjoy the unforgettable sex experience.

10. References

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