Tun sexy underwear novels

Tun sexy underwear novels

For those who like sexy underwear, both men or women are deeply attracted by the mystery of sexy underwear.To make sexy underwear truly show its unique charm, you need to pay attention to the appropriate size and method of wearable.At this time, tuning became an indispensable link.

Find the size

When buying sexy underwear, the first thing to do is to find the right size.The wrong size affects the overall effect of the underwear, making your temperament characteristics unable to perform well.Therefore, before buying a sexy underwear, you must measure your body and choose a size that suits you.

Choose a style that suits you

Different people like sexy lingerie styles and design.Choosing a style that suits you can make you feel more confident and comfortable when you wear.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must consider your personality, body, preference and other factors, and choose a style that suits you.

Method of wear

The method of wearing sexy underwear is very important. A correct way of dressing can highlight your body advantages and make you look more sexy and beautiful.First of all, we must do a good job of all kinds of preparations, choose the right underwear, and wear finely according to the style of sexy underwear and their own figure, such as the correct zipper tension and loosening tight tightness adjustment.This can make your body better.

You need to adjust during the exercise

Interest underwear is not only in static state to play its role, and it is also very attractive during exercise.However, in the dynamic process, more changes in sexy underwear will change. For example, the loose band needs to be adjusted appropriately, otherwise it will affect your sports effect.Therefore, you need to adjust your sexy underwear during exercise.

With different clothing

When wearing sexy underwear, it is also necessary to match different clothing.Different styles and colors of clothing will have a different impact on the display of sexy underwear.Therefore, you need to choose the most suitable clothing according to the style and color of the sexy underwear when matching to achieve the best results.

Maintenance of sexy underwear

A good erotic underwear needs to be properly maintained, which not only can increase the use time of underwear, but also keep the underwear always maintain a beautiful appearance.To maintain sexy underwear, you must first pay attention not to pull hard. Hand washing and machine washing are okay, but it should be noted that the use of neutral detergents, and dry or dry in a cool and dry place to avoid affecting the quality of the underwear to avoid the quality of the underwear.Essence

Choose good quality sexy underwear

Quality is very important, and it is important to choose good brands and quality.First of all, you must choose high -quality materials, which can make the quality of sex underwear better and comfortable to wear.And high -quality erotic underwear can better present your body advantage.Of course, don’t forget to choose according to your own style when choosing good quality and sexy underwear.

Use sexy underwear in combination with psychological needs

Interest underwear not only makes you look more sexy and beautiful, but also allows you to be psychologically satisfied and relaxed.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can better meet your psychological needs.A good erotic underwear is not just clothing, it can be a kind of companion and support for your heart.Therefore, we need to combine your psychological needs when wearing sexy underwear.


The above are some small skills and attention for tuning sexy underwear. Of course, it is also necessary to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.The wearables of sexy underwear should generally pay attention to their own shape and psychological needs, and choose according to personal feelings and preferences to finally achieve perfect results.

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