Transparent installation of sexy underwear pictures prices

1 Introduction

Transparent installation of sexy underwear is a very sexy style. Unlike traditional underwear, the transparent design can bring more attractive charm to the wearer.This article will introduce pictures, prices and market conditions of transparent sexy underwear.

2. Transparent plastic show curve

Transparent installation of sexy underwear is usually made of high -quality transparent plastic materials, which can show the body curve of the wearer vividly, and at the same time, it can also allow the body to get better breathing space.

3. Color selection

There are many colors to choose from transparent installation of sexy underwear. The most common is black, white, pink and red.Some high -end brands will also launch other colors such as purple, blue, etc. When choosing, you must choose according to your skin color and preferences.

4. Different styles

In addition to the different colors, there are many different styles to choose from transparent installation of sexy underwear.Some designs are very simple, but they use transparent plastics with simple ribbon and lace edges, while some styles are more complicated. They have a variety of details, such as lace, bow, and so on.When choosing, consider personal preferences and occasions, different styles are suitable for different occasions.

5. Price

The price of transparent installation of sexy underwear is relatively high than other styles, mainly because of the high cost of the material and the uniqueness of design.Different brands are also different from different styles. The average price is between hundreds and thousands of yuan.

6. Brand recommendation

There are many brands on the market to launch transparent sexy underwear, such as the secrets of Victoria in China, admiration, Aimer, etc., as well as some foreign brands such as Agent Provocateur, La Perla, ASOS, and so on.These brands have different styles, and consumers can choose the corresponding brands according to their needs.

7. Buy channels

Transparent installation of sexy underwear can be purchased through online and offline channels. The online channels are convenient and fast and the price is relatively cheap, such as Taobao,, and so on.Offline channels can go to specialty stores or department stores to buy. When buying, you can better understand the materials and sizes, but the price is generally high.

8. Note

When buying transparent installations, pay attention to choose regular brands or merchants to avoid buying inferior products.At the same time, pay attention to the size and comfort during wear, and try to choose the style and size suitable for your body.

9. The boundary between sexy and indecent

Transparent installation of sexy underwear is a sexy way of dressing, but when wearing, be careful not to expose or exposed the parts too vaguely, so as not to violate public moral standards.

10. Viewpoint

Transparent installation of sexy underwear is a kind of underwear suitable for wearing on special occasions. It can help the wearer show more sexy charm.However, consumers still pay attention not to expose excessive exposure when buying and dressed, avoiding public moral standards.

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