Three -point sexy lingerie stripe

Three -point sexy lingerie stripe

The design of erotic underwear is diverse, which is highly sought after by couples.Among them, three -point sexy underwear, as a more common style, is often favored by everyone.Adding striped elements is even more exciting.Let’s take a look at the introduction of three -point sexy lingerie stripes.

Striped design preliminary exploration

Stripes are common in the design of sexy underwear. It has a visual effect and a thin effect.The stripes can be horizontal, vertical, slanted, etc. It can help adjust the body proportion and make the body look more slender.

Features of three -point sexy underwear

Unlike conventional sexy lingerie styles, the three -point erotic underwear is mainly composed of three parts: upper body, lower body, and G string.Its designs are bold, individual, sexy, and sexy.

Fusion of stripes and sexy underwear

Striped element design on three -point sexy underwear makes it look more fashionable.The stripes of stripes are staggered, so that it has a strong visual effect, giving a feeling of teasing.The striped design can also make the chest and waist look slimmer and the legs are more slender.

Striped color matching recommendations

It is important to match reasonable colors.Generally speaking, black and white classic stripes can make people look more noble and elegant; and colorful stripes bring people a more vibrant feeling.In addition, you can also choose the color that is similar to the skin, so that the stripes are integrated into the skin color, making people unable to distinguish the boundaries of clothes and human body, thereby creating a more mysterious effect.

Suitable style of different body types

Everyone’s physical characteristics are different, so when choosing a three -point sexy underwear, you must also choose the one that suits his body.If you are a tall person, you can choose the style of striped vertical extension.And if you are short and slightly plump, you can choose horizontal stripes with the effect of lengthening the figure.

With suggestions

In the matching of sexy underwear, in addition to the three -point sex lingerie, you can also choose a suspender and other styles, as well as elements such as lace and sequins.In addition, with some lace stockings, high heels, etc., the overall effect will be better.


When choosing sexy underwear, don’t just stare at cheap products, but to choose products with quality guarantee and well -known brands.When wearing sexy underwear, you must also choose the right occasion and pay attention to hygiene issues.


The design of the three -point sexy lingerie stripes makes people look bright, with a sense of fashion and visual effects.With the color and style suitable for you, you are more attractive.However, when buying and wearing sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to some matters to ensure the safety and hygiene of clothing.Do not ignore quality and well -known brands when choosing sexy underwear.

Finally, when choosing and wearing sexy underwear, we must maintain confidence and confidence, which is the most important.

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