There is a shop address in the sexy underwear in Hongkou District

There is a shop address in the sexy underwear in Hongkou District

In Shanghai, Hongkou District is a place full of vitality and creativity, and sexy underwear shops have gradually increased here and received more and more attention.If you are also interested in sexy underwear, come and understand the address of several of the popular sexy underwear shops!

If you are a novice, you need to choose the appropriate sexy underwear in terms of sensitivity, comfort, sexy, and quality.

1. "SOLOVE" -The sexy underwear shop that is most suitable for novices

If you are a novice, "Solove" sexy lingerie shop is your must -have place.Here, you can find different types of sexy underwear for materials and colors.

This store is different from other stores. The store staff will help you choose the right sexy underwear and provide you with a comfortable shopping experience.

Address: 3rd Floor, Chu Bu Building, 688 Tianzheng Road, Hongkou District (Qufu Road Station, Line 8 of Metro Line 8)

2. "Fang Ting’s Ugly" -Songzhe sexy underwear shop

"Fang Ting’s whispering" is a niche sexy underwear shop in Hongkou District. They provide high -quality underwear and close -fitting clothing. Although the price is slightly higher, it is worth it.There are a variety of sexy underwear and sloggi underwear of various colors.

Address: 3rd Floor, No. 888, Sichuan North Road, Hongkou District (Sichuan North Road, Line 10 of Metro Line 10)

3. "Lady" -Provide high -quality interesting underwear

"Lady" is a shop that seriously treats sexy underwear. They provide a variety of high -quality and unique style of sexy underwear.The display and price in the store are impressive.Moreover, the clerk is very kind and enthusiastic.

Address: Room 202, No. 411, ZTE Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai (ZTE Station, Line 3 of Metro Line 3)

4. "Blue Girl" -The place that makes you more sexy

"Blue Girl" is a young, fashionable, wanton sexy underwear shop.Here you can find a variety of erotic underwear, from sweet girl style to sexy temptation style, everything is available.

You can choose the most suitable sexy underwear based on different occasions to make you more sexy.

Address: 1st Floor, No. 616 Cedeing Road, Hongkou District (Line 3 of Metro Line 3, Tibet North Road Station)

5. "SK -BB" -The sexy underwear and adult products

If you want to solve the needs of your sexy underwear and adult products in one stop, "SK-BB" is your good choice.

The sexy underwear and adults they provide are high -quality and reasonable.Different from other sexy underwear stores, this shop also offers a large number of adult products such as toys, tools, food and games.

Address: No. 138 Scissors Lane, Hongkou District, Shanghai (Longchang Road Station, Line 12 Metro Line 12)

6. "Hui Lian" -Exy you feel sexy in the details

"Hui Lian" is a sexy underwear shop featuring floral and lace.Here, every sexy underwear is exquisite, and the details are processed to make you feel sexy in the details.

The clerk is also very enthusiastic, and will help customers choose the most suitable sexy underwear according to the needs of customers and body shape.

Address: No. 533 Zhuyuan Road, Hongkou District (Guoan Road Station, Line 12 Metro Line 12)

7. "Jerry Secret" -So European style sexy underwear

"Jerry Secret" is a shop focusing on European sex lingerie.Here you can find a variety of European -style sexy underwear, especially the breathable sexy underwear suitable for summer.

The atmosphere in the store is very unique. The shop clerk introduces very professional and provides a lot of inspiration for European sex lingerie.

Address: Room 1, Building C2, No. 238 Siping Road, Hongkou District, Hongkou District (Si Ping Road, Line 12 Metro Line 12)

8. "MISS GOUTH" -The paradise of all enthusiasts

"Miss Gouth" is a veritable "sexy underwear paradise" in Hongkou District.They provide the most comprehensive erotic underwear. You can find a variety of types and styles. No matter what your needs are, this shop can satisfy you.

The store also provides various European and American toys and accessories, which is worth seeing.

Address: No. 2665 Huangpu Road, Hongkou District (Xingxing Road Station, Line 8 of Metro)

in conclusion

Hongkou District Sexy Lingerie Store caters to the needs of modern women in high -quality and diverse sexy underwear.Whether you are looking for high -quality sexy underwear or looking for a variety of sexy underwear, these sexy underwear shops can meet your needs.Read the above addresses and recommendations carefully, and choose the most suitable underwear for you. You will find your own sexy underwear in these sexy lingerie shops.

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