The vest is a sexy shirt

Vest is an overview of sexy underwear

The vest is a kind of wearable clothing, usually wearing outside.But in the sexy underwear industry, vests are also called sexy underwear.They are exquisitely designed, soft, and often have sexy effects.As a sexual toy, sexy underwear aims to let people exude confidence, vitality and sexy ingredients in sex.

Different types of vest

There are different types of vests in the sexy underwear industry. Some of the popular are:

A vest with lace and satin

Transparent, hollow vest

The vest of leather and latex

Vests decorated with vertical decoration, accessories and leather straps

Why does sex underwear follow the vest

When designing vests, the sexy underwear industry regards it as a way to highlight the shape.Such a design makes vests provide some assistance for people’s personality and sexuality and sexuality experience in a fun environment.

How can the vest be matched

The vest can be matched with different types of lower parts, such as T-back sexy pants, mini skirts, leather pants or spring sweatshirts.With a pair of high heels or boots, people look more sexy.

The size and material of the vest

The vests usually use clever fabrics and locks to facilitate better personal type.Most vests are free sizes and are suitable for people with size between S, M and L.However, if the size of some people is small or large, they may be discouraged when they cannot find a suitable size.Some vests will have adjustment devices, but not all vests include these functions.

The effect of the vest

The vest has the effect of reducing the outline of the upper body, so it can increase the beautiful feeling of your upper body lines.In addition, vests usually make people look more sexy and confident, which is conducive to better performance in sex.

What you need to pay attention to when wearing a vest

When wearing a vest, pay attention to the following points according to the model and texture of the vest:

Choose comfortable and appropriate size to ensure a pleasant experience.

Transparent and exposed vests need to pay attention to the dew point.

Latex products may cause some people to breathe and attack. Therefore, if you know that you have a history of allergies, it is best to avoid the lateral vest of latex.

How to maintain the vest

Most erotic underwear cannot be washed, which is also suitable for vests.They usually need to wash with soft detergent with water.When washing and drying, avoid exposing vests in the sun.

Vest price

Like other products on the market, different brands, types, and styles have different prices.But in general, the price of vests is much lower than most of the sexy underwear and is easier to get.


The vest is a type of erotic underwear, known in the world with its sexy and highlighting characteristics.When selecting, using and maintenance, proper selection and maintenance should be made according to the elements such as materials, sizes, styles, and accessories to obtain a better sex experience.

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