The uncomfortable sexy underwear in the lower body

One big problem of sexy underwear discomfort

For female friends who feel uncomfortable in the lower body underwear, they may start to doubt whether their size is right, whether the style is suitable, whether the material is suitable, and so on.The reason for this situation may be because the size of the underwear is inappropriate or does not meet the body shape, the style is too tight, and the material is too thick.Next, let’s learn about the reasons and solutions for wearing uncomfortable underwear.

Wrong size

Many women often choose to buy in the size they usually wear when they buy sex underwear. However, the size of the sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear.If the underwear size is too small, it will occur, uncomfortable with squeezing, courage, and chest spill.If it is too large, the bra will loosen, not only uncomfortable wearing, but also affects the visual effect.Correct underwear size is the key, so accurately measured according to the size table of the underwear brand.

Improper selection of styles and types

Whether it is adult erotic underwear, sexy lingerie, or beautiful sexy underwear, each type of style has different characteristics and characteristics.Some styles or types of sexy underwear are suitable for one type of people, but many people are not suitable for wearing underwear.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must know your body characteristics, and choose your own suitable style and type. For example, for people with full figure, you can choose a wider shoulder strap and back hook buckle, which can effectively reduce the burden on the chest.

The material is too thick or too weak

The sexy underwear in the home is sometimes thicker or too weak, and the thick material can make people feel oppressive and uncomfortable; while too weak materials can make people feel that the underwear has no practical value.Therefore, in addition to choosing styles, colors and sizes when buying sexy underwear, people also need to consider the texture of underwear.Of course, the comparison texture and comfort are the problem of personal experience. You can choose the texture and thick sexy underwear according to your body.

Conjusational underwear underwear position is not suitable

Santhest sexy underwear is generally designed with open crotch, which can be easy to wear and take off.In the process of wearing, you need to adjust the position of the crotch to the appropriate position. If the location is wrong, it is easy to cause discomfort.

Unreasonable design of underwear belt

Whether the band design of the underwear is not only related to comfort, but also affects the effect of wearing, so it cannot be ignored.When the underwear is too narrow and the pressure is large, it will share the force on the shoulders, causing unwell on the shoulder; and the excessive strap will reduce the pressure of the shoulders and increase the comfort of the whole person.

The effective life of sexy underwear is too low

When the quality of sexy underwear is low, the phenomenon of relaxation, falling, and deformation will occur after a long time, and eventually discomfort will reach a serious level.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, we should choose high -quality and reliable brands or products, and at the same time to ensure the well -storage method of underwear.

Improperly dressed

In addition to the above reasons, it may also be related to the method and attention of sexy underwear.When wearing sexy underwear, you should correctly adjust your shoulder straps, straps, etc. to make the underwear more suitable for your body. In addition, the use time of sexy underwear should also be controlled within a certain range, and long -term wear may cause discomfort.

Buy fake

In recent years, there have been endless sexy underwear on the market, which has led many consumers to buy inferior fake goods, which not only affects the image, is not highly comfortable to wear, and fakes cannot guarantee the quality of the underwear. Therefore, it is too cheap for brands and prices.Keep underwear.

How to solve the problem of wearing discomfort

The most useful and most effective solution is to go to physical stores for trial penetration. During the trial process, you can see the texture and style of the underwear, and directly feel the comfort of the underwear.

in conclusion

The comfort of sexy underwear is very important for women, and it is also necessary to pay attention to problems such as quality and materials.For those who are uncomfortable with the lower body because of erotic underwear, it is very important to choose a brand and style that suits them. This can not only ensure comfort, but also improve the self -confidence and aesthetic sense of wearing.

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