The name of sexy underwear shop is creative English

The name of sexy underwear shop is creative English


Sex underwear is a special costume that promotes sex and intimate relationships.Some people think that this clothing is only suitable for Valentine’s Day or special occasions.However, more and more people realize that sex and romance are not limited to special days.Although sexy underwear is usually hidden in the appearance of the pattern and covered underwear, the types and styles of sexy underwear are diverse.In such a variety of sexy underwear, there is a very challenging and advantageous business, which is to open a sexy underwear shop, but how to get a creative English name?

Reflecting sexy and charm

The name of a good sexy underwear shop should be sexy and charm, which can attract different gender customers.For example, "Desire", "Temptation", "SEDUCTION", etc. are a better choice.These vocabulary can express fun and sexy.

Reflecting personality and originality

The name of the sexy underwear store must have personality and originality.When looking for a name, you can consider using vocabulary related to sexy underwear design.For example, the store is "Unleashed", "Exposed", "Bare", etc. It is impressive and easy to remember.


The name of a good sex underwear shop should be simple and clear.A simple and easy -to -pronounce name makes it easier for customers to remember.For example, "Sensu", "EROS", "Bijou" are all good choices.


The name of the sexy underwear shop can also be fun and funny.They can attract customers’ attention and increase the popularity of the store.For example, "Bra-La-La", "Knicker Knockers", etc., these names are both interesting and creative.

Cultural heritage

Some sexy underwear shop names can be created through cultural elements.For example, use local characteristics of deformation vocabulary or language habits.These will attract consumers with more cultural literacy.For example, "Aphro-Dynamite", "Fetish Fix" are a better choice.

Deep bone details

The name of the sexy underwear shop does not always need to emphasize sexy or creative. It can be any part of the in -depth details, especially the name.From the suspender to the strap, from the steel ring to the fabric, any detail can be the focus of the store name.For example, "LACE LINGERIE", "Bra Essentials", "Silk & Satin" and other naming methods.

Positioning store name through the target market

The positioning of sexy underwear shops can also determine its name.If the owner wants to attract more mature customers, then the choice of "La Femme" or "Madame Butterfly" will be very elegant to add French words to the store name.If the owner wants to attract younger customers, then "Girl’s Night Out" and "XOXO" and other better choices.

Cut into the market hotspot is the store name

Quickly responding to market hotspots is also another choice of sex underwear store names.For example, if you enter the peak sales season in spring, you can consider using "Spring Fling", "Spring Break" and other concentrated store names.

in conclusion

When named for sexy underwear shops, different choices should be considered carefully to ensure that the store name can attract customers and attract their interest.When considering the name, in general, the name of the store should reflect the characteristics of sexy, original, playfulness, and fashion, and should incorporate the target market positioning and market hotspots into consideration.

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