The male lead bought a sexy underwear for the heroine

The male lead bought a sexy underwear for the heroine

The fun life between men and women has become a topic that many couples pay attention to today.The most critical part is the choice of sexy underwear.As a sex expert, I will introduce some content to you.

Selective sexy style

Sexy -style sexy underwear is an important part of sexy underwear because they can change the image of women.Common sexy underwear styles include ductal robe, tight -fitting, hollow, and perspective.When buying, you need to choose a style that both men and women like to make the sexy atmosphere of both parties stronger.

Pay attention to color and material

For sexy underwear, color and material are very important, and these can stimulate sex and comfort in different ways.From a color perspective, black, purple or red are a more classic choice.For materials, silk and lace can increase the sexy level of underwear.

Determine the size

In order to make sexy underwear more beautiful, the size is very critical.It is necessary to understand the size of your girlfriend or wife in advance.Otherwise, even if you buy beautiful sexy underwear, it may not be suitable for your other half.

Considering the body shape

When choosing a sexy underwear, in addition to the size, you also need to consider your body shape.For example, if you are not tall, you can choose a high -waisted bra or chiffon skirt -like sexy underwear to increase the proportion of the body and increase self -confidence.

Reinforcement details

The details of sexy underwear determine its quality and sexy level.The clever design and craftsmanship of the designer can increase the sexy and special sense of sexy underwear.For example, the details such as leopard, diamond, and bow are very eye -catching.

Choose the right occasion

Every sexy underwear has its applicable occasions, such as family gatherings, ordinary dating, vacations, birthdays, etc.When choosing, please make sure to choose the right occasion, otherwise it may cause unnecessary embarrassment.

Different prices, different quality

When buying sexy underwear, the price and quality are very important.Some cheap erotic underwear may indeed reduce the purchase cost, but they may not be able to meet the requirements and may not be durable.Therefore, when choosing, you may wish to spend more money and buy high -quality sexy underwear.

Select through the preferences of both parties

When buying sexy underwear for girlfriends or wives, please refer to their favorite colors and styles, as well as the types of items they like.This will greatly improve the excitement and appropriate degree of underwear.

Final point of view

Interest underwear is the most important step in erotic life, which is very helpful for the emotional progress and emotional connections of the two.From choice to wearing, sexy underwear can make people feel sexy charm.Every man who needs to buy sexy underwear should spend more time referring to various styles to find the product that suits you and his other half.

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