The first time sex underwear

The first time I buy sexy sheets

It is a very special thing to buy sexy underwear for the first time, which is excited and nervous.As a sexy underwear expert, I want to give you some suggestions to make your first purchase easier and happy.

You have to know your needs

You should know your needs before buying sexy underwear.Do you want to make you feel sexy, or make your partner feel sexy?Do you like rabbit girl clothes or nurses?The answers to these questions have an impact on the sex, color and design you choose.

Size is very important

The size of sexy underwear is usually different from the underwear wearing underwear, so you need to ensure that the size you choose is correct.Too small size will make you feel uncomfortable and squeezed, and the size is too much to make the sexy underwear be unable to play.It is recommended that you measure and refer to the size table of the merchant before buying to determine your appropriate size.

Don’t be shy, try penetrating a must

Interest underwear is a very personalized item, and the feeling of wearing varies from person to person.Therefore, you must try it on before buying.Before trying it on, don’t ask the salesperson to ask the seller’s suggestion that they are experienced and will provide you with help and guidance.

Consider material and comfort

Interesting underwear materials are very diverse, such as silk, lace, leather, mesh, hemp and so on.Different materials give people different feelings.You can choose the material that suits you.At the same time, comfort is also important, especially for long -term sexy underwear.You should choose breathable, soft and comfortable styles.

Understand supporting products

Many erotic underwear supporting products such as earrings, handcuffs, shackles, suspenders, and so on.You can consider these supporting products to increase sexual interest.At the same time, don’t forget to have various items such as heating, vibration, shock absorption, etc. These props can enhance the sex experience.

Price is not equal to quality

The price of sexy underwear varies from quality and materials.However, the price does not always indicate the quality, and the high -priced sexy underwear is not necessarily the best choice for you.Therefore, do not blindly choose high -priced products when buying, but choose according to your needs and budgets.

Don’t ignore cleaning and maintenance

Sex underwear is usually only worn on specific occasions, but cleaning and maintenance are equally important.Do not use too irritating cleaning agents and hot water when cleaning sexy underwear.It is recommended to wash it by hand, and then dry it in a cool and dry place.

Falling underwear use time

Interest underwear must not be worn every time sex.It may be just a dress you prepare at a special day or special moment.Moreover, because of different use needs, the replacement time of sexy underwear is also different. Choose by yourself according to your actual situation.

Buy it just to earn

Finally, don’t forget your purpose.Sex underwear is to enhance your sex experience and enhance your self -confidence.When you buy a suitable sexy underwear, you have made it.No matter what style you finally choose, the most important thing is to enjoy this process.


Interest underwear is a kind of sexy and confident clothing, but it is not essential.The key is to enjoy the process of choice and purchase, rather than pursuing a so -called best sexy underwear.After all, maintaining an open and pleasant mentality is the most important.

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